Implementing the Design Thinking culture in your organization

Would you like to create a culture of innovation in your company, inspire your staff with new ways of thinking and develop concrete, user-centered products or services? The HPI Academy develops concepts for the implementation of Design Thinking in companies.

Implementierung der Design Thinking Kultur in Ihrer Organisation mit der HPI Academy

Benefit from our years of experience in professional education in Design Thinking for businesses. We will actively assist you in anchoring a new innovation culture in your organization and conjointly develop a strategy for action.

After a pre-analysis of the project a recommendation is made as to how Design Thinking can be applied to address your company’s issues.

The HPI Academy prepares a customized proposal that lays out how Design Thinking can be optimally implemented in companies. To effectively anchor the process in the corporate culture, we recommend a combination of training and a sustainable concept of self-learning. 


The HPI Academy trains employees to become Design Thinkers and/or Junior Coaches.

Training as a Design Thinker

Employees will become familiar with the Design Thinking approach on the basis of real company projects. For the duration of the project, they are supervised by experienced coaches and equipped with Design Thinking expertise. Your employees will learn the tools and methods of the approach as well as the skills necessary to integrate and apply them in their daily work.

Training as a Coach

Moreover, there is the possibility of training those employees who are particularly „Design Thinking-savvy” as Design Thinking coaches.

While receiving the same methodological training as Design Thinkers, these future coaches will in fact already be acting as coaches themselves during the project phase. They are given special support in preparing the work phases and get feedback after the completion of every coached phase. 

After finishing their training as a certified Design Thinking (Junior) Coach, employees are in a position to set up their own projects in the company with the Design Thinking method and also equipped with the necessary leadership and implementation know-how.

Your coaches can take advantage of point-focused supervision after completion of a project to ensure that an efficient transfer of knowledge takes place in day-to-day work.