Metrics for design thinking and beyond

Measuring what matters: The impact of Design Thinking

Design thinking has become very popular in recent years. Many users are currently grappling with the two questions of what exactly Design Thinking actually achieves in the organization and how this added value can be communicated to management. In this format, we will find answers to these questions together.


  • Using various research models, you will first gain a general knowledge of different management control systems
  • Through the exchange between the participants, we develop joint individual strategies for evaluating Design Thinking
  • You will learn how design thinking can be reflected in your KPIs in order to monitor and evaluate the success of innovation projects.
  • You explore alternative possibilities to classic KPIs in order to give space to the principles of Design Thinking.

Key Facts


1 Day

Workshop language



Online participation

Target audience

This workshop is aimed at Design Thinking practitioners, project managers and executives who want to develop a goal-oriented way of assessing and managing the impact of Design Thinking.


750 EUR (early bird price applies up to 14 days before the start of the workshop, thereafter EUR 1,000, plus VAT)

Included in the workshop

  • Participation, working materials
  • Full board and happy hour
  • Certificate of participation

More information

This workshop can also be completed as a master class as part of the certification program for Design Thinking Coaches.

Read about the impact of design thinking on organizations in the chapter “Impact and Measurement” of the study “Design Thinking: a Global Study on Implementation Practices in Organizations”. It discusses how the impact of design thinking is evaluated and how its added value for organizations is measured and used to support implementation.

Three key questions are answered:

  • What impact does design thinking have on organizations?
  • What types of organizations measure design thinking?
  • How do organizations measure design thinking?


  • In this workshop, you will learn about various management control systems: From performance measurements to company culture.
  • You will get to know various measurement criteria.
  • You will also analyze your own needs in order to develop suitable approaches.
  • You will learn to understand and analyze different innovation strategy approaches.
  • This format supports you in gaining a basic knowledge of topics such as performance measurement and KPIs, but also in developing your own practical evaluation approach that is tailored to your context and needs.


The Day begins with an introduction to the concept of “impact”. Together we will explore what impact actually means and why it is crucial for innovative processes. The first team exercise focuses on the “strategic intent”: we define together what we want to achieve before we look at the measurement.

We then look at the “playing fields of innovation”. In a team exercise, you look at the playing field you are in and analyze the current situation in order to plan the next step.

The next input deals with the “measurement criteria”. You will learn which criteria are relevant for measuring success. In another team exercise, you reflect on which measurement criteria resonate for you personally.

The highlight of the workshop is the sharing part, in which the various measurement plans are presented and receive constructive feedback.

After another input session on “Hurdles in practice”, we will break out of the KPI norm. In “Beyond KPIs” we explore alternative measurement methods, including a practical case.

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