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Certification program for design thinking coaches

Design thinking is one of the world’s most popular approaches for establishing a dynamic, human-centered, purpose-driven innovation culture in organizations. Our experience has shown that in order for innovation teams to reach their full potential, they need the guidance of well-trained design thinking coaches who can accompany and facilitate learning processes, workshops, and projects with design thinking and unleash the potential of these teams.

For a context-related, target-oriented and sustainable application of Design Thinking, well-trained Design Thinking coaches are required. With this in mind, we launched the HPI Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches in 2015 and since then, we have trained over 300 coaches from around the world, who bring design thinking straight into the heart of their organizations, companies, and clients every day.

By becoming a design thinking coach, you will be able to provide valuable support to organizations and individuals in developing the skills and mindsets necessary to drive positive change and contribute to a better future for all.

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Design Thinking Teaching Practitioner

2 Modules
6 workshop days

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  • Master the methods and principles of Design Thinking and gain the confidence to apply and teach them in diverse organizational contexts.
  • Develop expert facilitation skills that enable you to guide teams seamlessly through the Design Thinking process, while recognizing and activating their unique potential for innovation and problem-solving.
  • Discover and cultivate your own coaching style, gaining flexibility and agility in adapting to diverse situations and client needs, while maintaining the core principles of Design Thinking.
  • Learn to design and execute various Design Thinking formats, such as workshops, sprints, and intros, and plan them in a targeted and adaptable way that meets the specific goals and challenges of each project.
  • Build a strong network of fellow Design Thinking coaches, trainers, and experts, and gain access to plenty of resources and tools to support your ongoing growth and development in this exciting field.


Find out how you too can benefit from our certification program for design thinking professionals, team facilitators and coaches – professionally as well as privately.

Our program is divided into three blocks, carefully sequenced and structured to provide the best possible learning journey for you. Depending on your interests and objectives, you can choose from three different variants. Thematically, the first two blocks (DT-Teaching-Practitioner to DT-Team-Facilitator) primarily highlight the immediate activity of team facilitation (microdidactics), while block three focuses on preparatory and planning coaching activities (macrodidactics).


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The team

Samuel Tschepe

Samuel Tschepe

Head of Design Thinking Coach Certification

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Madini Liebscher

Madini Liebscher

Program Lead Certification Program

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Clara Wieker

Clara Wieker

Program Lead Certification Program

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Elisabeth Höpner

Elisabeth Höpner

Program Coordination – Certification Program

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Extensive network

One of the highlights of the program for me is the extensive networking of participants. Many of them face similar challenges in their organizations, and sharing knowledge and best practices was incredibly valuable.
I was also able to immediately implement the practical coaching tips and personal feedback I received during the practice days. All in all, a very intensive and entertaining program where I learned a lot.

Ryan Wu

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.