From Design Thinking Prototypes to Agile Projects

Inspirational new ideas for complex problems often fail in implementation. In this workshop, the participants occupy themselves with the interface at which the idea is translated into a product. 

The participants work in small teams to translate a product idea into a product. They use the 3 tools that are implemented in agile practice: 1. User Stories and Maps, 2. the Product Backlog and 3. the Strategic Roadmap. All tools are industry-relevant and have individual strengths and limits that can be directly experienced in this workshop. 

Rather than providing general training for individuals and teams in the agile way of working, this workshop focuses on the professional application of tools in the agile planning phase of a project.  


  • The translation of a complex product idea into implementation is simulated in this workshop.  
  • Participants develop plans for the agile implementation of a given product idea.   
  • Participants can discuss their own projects with the coaches and the other participants, and thus benefit from their experience. 

Key Facts

Vor Ort


2 days

Workshop language

German and English


HPI Potsdam

Target audience

This workshop is particularly beneficial for agile teams, team leads, product owners and managers from agile organizational units. Because each individual works at the relevant interface where the complex problem is translated into implementation.   


2500, EUR (plus VAT); 15% discount on the participation fee for participants in the Design Thinking Introduction workshop (former Open Course). 

Exclusively for companies: Upon request 


  • You work on an actual case study, which highlights the many of the challenges of agile project work. 
  • You engage as a member of a small team (max. of 6), with others who are already familiar with Design Thinking. 
  • You gain application security in the tools described above. 
  • Workshop includes work materials, transfers that may be required as part of the workshop, 1 coach for a maximum of 6 participants, full board and Happy Hour. 
  • Certificate of attendance. 


Vorab: Virtueller Input

  • Expert videos are used to prepare and refresh the topics of design thinking and agile development.
  • Participants familiarize themselves in advance with the process and the common methods that defineDesign Thinking teamwork and that lead to the results, which we then take up and develop further in the workshop.  

Tag 1: Kick-off und gemeinsame Arbeit in kleinen Teams

  • Presentation of the case study for teamwork 
  • Development of an implementation plan
  • Discussion ofthe participant’sown project examples 

 Start: 9:30 am, end 5:30 pm 

Tag 2: Transfer in die agile Entwicklung

  • Lessons learned from practice
  • Reflection on the tools: user story mapping, product backlog and strategic roadmap
  •  Joint evaluation of the different implementation strategies 

Start: 9:30 am, end: 5:30 pm

Ihr Coach

Markus Güntert

Markus Güntert

Expert for Product Leadership and Agile Software Development

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