Web3, Smart Contracts and NFTs

Neue Geschäftsmodelle und Möglichkeiten zum Management ihrer Kundenbeziehungen auf der Basis von Web3.

The term Web3 is often mixed with metaverse or speculative cryptocurrencies. But Web3 is instead a distinct, fast-growing category of new digital business models. Much like the advent of Web2 led to a wave of innovation in business models, enterprise processes, and customer interaction, Web3 gives companies a construction kit of new business logic.

Blockchains can be used to assign ownership rights to digital assets. These assets are stored tamper-proof in a public database. Digital assets can be exchanged directly without intermediaries. Transactions can be programmed with invariable conditions and executed automatically. By designing special digital assets (tokens), they can develop new incentive or community models, completely redefining the relationship with their customers or suppliers.



  • The Masterclass teaches you the basic technical information and economic mechanisms of Web3.
  • You will learn about the different token categories and understand the different uses of utility tokens, stablecoins or NFTs in token-based business models.
  • You will learn about new business models based on Web3 using current examples.
  • We enable you to develop the fundamentals of new business models through Web3 methods and to be able to assess the possible applications for your company.

Key Facts


1 Day


The Masterclass takes place in a group of maximum 25 participants.


HPI Academy, Potsdam

Target audience

The Masterclass is aimed at entrepreneurs, founders, product managers and generally all persons responsible for the further development of products and business models. In this masterclass, you will learn the new building blocks from the Web3 construction kit, which you can use to develop new, disruptive business models in the future.


1.000 EUR (plus VAT)

More information

Registration deadline is two weeks before the respective date


This masterclass will be held as a face-to-face event at the HPI Academy campus in Potsdam Babelsberg.

Implementation via videoconference (Zoom) is not planned, but may be offered if the pandemic situation develops.

The instructor will use simple descriptions to give you a basic understanding of the key technological basics behind blockchain technology and the differences between various public blockchain protocols. You will learn the ins and outs of digital assets (e.g., NFTs, stablecoins, and other tokens) and smart contracts. Through current examples, they will get an overview of new Web3 business models (token economies) and develop a sense of the opportunities this opens up for their business. Finally, they develop initial ideas and possible uses of Web3 in their company as a group.

The workshop day at a glance

  • Blockchain & Web3 Basics
  • Digital Assets & Token Economics Overview
  • Current examples and development of a Web3 business model

Start: 09.00 End: 17.00

Our expert for you

Markus Schorn: member of the think tank and co-lead of the Web3 program of GermanTelekom AG

Markus Schorn has been involved in the market launch of innovations and the development of new business models based on them for over 15 years. In his professional career, he has successfully managed the market launch of innovations in both the consumer and business segments on several occasions.

The business graduate and Spiegel bestseller co-author acts at the interface between technology and business. This makes him a respected sparring partner for decision makers in corporations as well as a mentor for startups in German.