Strategic Visioning

Many companies are implementing agility and increasingly focusing on innovation in order to be competitive and actively shape the future.

A key factor here is clarity. Because only when all employees know where things are headed together can employees take individual responsibility and thus act quickly and agilely. Therefore, a common understanding of the vision and the strategicn Goals is the basic building block of agile work.


  • In this workshop you will learn the vision, mission and values of your company clearly identify.
  • With “Contribution Mapping” you can see who who in the company contributes to thiscontributes.
  • Therefore, a common understanding of the vision and strategic goals is the basic building block of agile working.

Key Facts


Recommended 2 to 3 workshop days (as a block)

Workshop language

German or English


Online or presence

Target audience

This workshop is aimed at executives and project managers who want to create more clarity for their areas of responsibility. The workshop can be aimed at a team with a common task or at a team of executives and managers who want to discuss their individual areas.


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Similar Workshops

  • Design Thinking Sprint-to bring the newly developed ideas and offerings into implementation (for the team).
  • Navigating Uncertainty – a compass for leaders, for leaders who want to build their own leadership skills based on the new Goals.

The workshop will be tailored to your individual needs. For example, these modules and contents are recommended and possible:

  • Identify the why, what, and how of one’s own organization or field.
  • Create a common vision
  • Adjust your own portfolio accordingly: What is missing for the future? And what, if anything, is being dropped from the current areas in exchange?
  • Optional: Identify potential for new, innovative product and service offerings with design thinking.


Through a shared understanding of the vision and strategic Goals, all team members can contribute to the success of the organization with their individual contributions. A shared vision is the “North Star”: because it empowers employees and allows them to make decisions that are in line with the strategic direction.


This format is tailored to your individual needs. We recommend a two- to three-day workshop here.

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Participants' testimonials

By involving our management and all departments, as well as the expertise of the HPI Academy team, we managed to quickly implement a new way of working between departments and move forward with ideas, but also with focus.

Florian Krogmann

Chief Research & Development Officer, Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.