In-house Training Program for Design Thinking Coaches

Today more than ever, continuous innovation, constant learning and effective collaboration are essential factors for successful companies. At the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam, we have been supporting organizations and teams with Design Thinking for about fifteen years in order to promote these factors. For this to be successful, well-trained design thinking coaches are needed who recognize the potential of innovation teams and activate them in a targeted manner.

For this reason, the HPI Academy has designed an in-house training program for Design Thinking Coaches. The program aims to train a group of selected employees from an organization to become Design Thinking coaches and thus innovation multipliers in their respective departments.


  • Learn to apply and teach the working and thinking methods of Design Thinking in a goal-oriented way.
  • Acquire the skills, methods and tools to effectively navigate teams through the innovation process. In the process, you will also learn how to recognize the potential of innovation teams and how to activate them.
  • Discover your own coaching style and train at the same time an always flexible (re)acting.
  • Get to grips with the conception and implementation of different design thinking formats and learn a wide range of design options based on real projects.

Key Facts

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The total duration is 12-15 Dayspread over a few months.


For the implementation of the program we need a minimum number of ten participantsInsidenThese can also come from sister or partner organizations.

Workshop language

The implementation is possible in German as well as in English.


The training modules take place at a location proposed and organized by the customer; alternatively we but also have suitable training rooms, which we can offer on request.

Target audience

In order to successfully train employees as multipliers of an agile, person-centered work culture, the selection of participants should be done carefully. The following factors play a role:

  • Position and/or role within the organization
  • Previous experience in design thinking
  • Coaching and/or teaching experience is useful
  • Individual motivation
  • Possibility to immediately apply/further practice what has been learned afterwards

If desired, the HPI Academy can support the selection process.


Upon request


For your organization:

  • Scale collaboration and innovation in your organization by having us train an internal group of coaches.
  • Submit your own projects that have already been worked on by participants in the last module of the program and prepared for continuation.
  • Benefit from a compact and intensive program where what you learn can be put into practice immediately afterwards.

For the participants:

  • Expand your coaching skills and gain self-confidence through versatile practical experiences in a protected space.
  • Receive detailed personal feedback on your coaching from our experienced HPI Academy trainers.
  • Build an internal network of like-minded people through intensive collaboration and regular exchange.

Program structure

The program is divided into three to four modules: (0) Design Thinking Deep Dive, (1) Design Thinking & Team Coaching, (2) Team Coaching Practice, and (3) Kick-Off of an Internal Innovation Project. Module 0 is optional and depends on the objective and prior experience of the participants. It lasts 3 Day. The other modules last four Dayeach. Accordingly, the program lasts a total of 12 to 15 Day. We recommend an interval of approximately three to five weeks between modules for follow-up and preparation.

Module 0: Design Thinking Deep Dive

The starting module “0” is about an in-depth examination of Design Thinking as a way of thinking and working, both from the perspective of the user and from the perspective of a team coach. To begin, participants refresh their understanding of the Design Thinking mindset through versatile exercises. The participants then devote themselves to exploring the Design Thinking process and the basic methods, with a transition here to the team coach’s perspective.

Module 1: Design Thinking & Team Coaching

In this module, the proactive step into the role of the coach takes place. Participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at navigating a team from the group through the process in a variety of situations and then receive personal, individual feedback on their coaching. In addition, you will learn to deal adequately with different team dynamics.

Module 2: Team Coaching Practice

Here, prospective coaches are given the opportunity to coach participants from outside the group through a full workshop. They are always accompanied by our experienced coaches, who provide support and individual feedback. The aim of this module is for participants to develop their coaching skills and gain confidence and self-assurance in the context of a real-life practice scenario. Complementing this module, participants will expand their toolbox with various basic and advanced design thinking methods.

Module 3: Kick-off of an internal innovation project

This workshop aims to place the activity of team coaching in the broader context of the company or organization. The focus is on the various tasks associated with preparation and follow-up that are necessary to lead a successful Design Thinking project. At the beginning of the module, different formats for design thinking projects will be explored. Using a real-world challenge submitted by a corporate sponsor, teams then design a detailed project roadmap that takes into account the big picture, such as the company’s organization or strategy, internal culture, or specific constraints. At the end, participants present their work and draft a plan for the next steps.

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