Development of Digital Product Ideas

HPIX is our internal design studio that develops your product ideas within a short period of time. As soon as you have developed an innovative idea in a workshop or project, the clock is ticking.  

 We pull together a team of domain experts, designers and developers who translate your idea into a digital prototype in just a few weeks.  We deliver the prototype to you with a detailed implementation strategy and the necessary technical specifications. In this way, we create the basis for implementation and enable you to carry out the targeted testing of the solution with the first customers. 


Our in-house Design & Development team will develop your idea into a digital prototype. 

Key Facts


Individually defined 

Workshop language

German or English



Target audience

HPIX is aimed at HPI Academy customers, as well as innovation & development teams, who have come up with new digital ideas in workshops and projects that they want to implement quickly and professionally. 


Costs: individually definedupon request 

More information

The HPIX offer picks up where team workshops and idea development projects stop, with the translation of ideas into concrete digital prototypes. 

To be combined with: 

Strategic Visioning

In a joint kickoff for the idea, we plan the next steps with you and define the requirements for the implementation team. Experience has shown that the team needs four to six weeks for the digital implementation of an idea. During this time, in addition to the implementation, further joint coordination, if necessary further tests, as well as documentation and implementation planning take place.  


  • You will receive a digital prototype of your idea within a very short time. 
  • You can immediately transfer the prototype into agile implementation at a time when the idea still has its r momentum. 
  • You directly experience how a professional innovation team works and are always involved in strategic decisions regarding your product. 


Day 1

Kick Off – Joint planning of the implementation project based on the idea, together with an HPIX project manager.

Day 2 – 29

Implementation – Design and development of digital prototype by an agile HPIX team consisting of approx. three to four people. Testing of features, documentation of technical specifications, planning of an agile implementation strategy. 

Day 30

VER – Handover of the results and discussion on how to proceed. If necessary, the HPIX team can accompany the further implementation or onboarding of the internal team.