Innovation and Transformation

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What is Innovation and Transformation?

Today, innovation and transformation are as much a part of day-to-day business for executives as efficiently managing the ongoing value creation processes in organizations. The increasingly required ambidexterity, i.e., the ability of a company to be equally focused on the demands of the operational business and the requirements for developing innovation, requires a clear understanding of the underlying mechanisms of innovation and transformation. 

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From the Design Thinker’s perspective, innovation can be defined as the synergistic interaction of three factors: 1. value creation for people, 2. value creation through technology, and 3. value creation in the (economic and social) system. In this context, the incremental or disruptive innovation quality is determined by the context. The introduction of the home office workplace, for example, can be disruptive in one corporate culture, while in another it merely makes everyday life standard. 


When value-creating innovations in the different areas of a system (organization, market, social community, nature) combine and integrate into an overarching ecosystem, transformative processes emerge. The transformative mechanism can be found in its basic principles in biological evolution (through genetic innovations) as well as in market or company transformations (through product, process, service, and business model innovations). Transformation presented as a formula: Transformation = Disruption + System Integration. Digital technology can take on the roles of impulse generator, accelerator, amplifier and multiplier of transformative processes. 

From innovation method to change strategy

Design Thinking has evolved from an innovation method into one of the most popular and successful strategy approaches for the development, management and implementation of innovation and transformation processes. It has become a fixed component of the requirement profiles in job advertisements for leadership positions in innovation and transformation and has been included in the service portfolio of all major management consultancies. The “Big Five” global technology companies use Design Thinking principles, such as user-centeredness, multi-perspectivity or learning through experimentation as a change strategy, leadership attitude and method box for operationalizing corporate goals.   

Innovation and Transformation at the HPI Academy

The HPI Academy offers a modular portfolio from which concepts for individual transformation phases as well as programs for comprehensive transformation projects are developed. 

The core of the training is to build the transformation capabilities of the key players in the organization.  

The HPI Academy’s experience-based training concept ensures that not only are methods learned, and attitudes trained, but, above all, through reflection and synthesis participants can develop their own strategies for transferring what they have learned to their specific application situation.  


The concept of experience-based learning enables the translation of the acquired knowledge into the implementation of the intended transformation activities.  

The transformation trainings as well as strategy and implementation formats are guided by a team of HPI-trained Strategic Design Thinking Master Coaches. The bring with them extensive, practical entrepreneurial experience from different economic and social fields. Experts such as startup founders, IT specialists, business economists, sociolinguists, designers, management consultants and organizational psychologists combine their different perspectives to help you manage the complexity of transformation processes. 

Our Workshops and formats at the HPI Academy in the area of Innovation and Transformation

Training formats:  

In the areas of User-Centered Innovation, Digital Technology and Leadership, and Agility, our training formats serve all levels of transformation actors in the company from the grassroots to management to the top executive level.  

Customized Strategy and Project Implementation Modules:  

To develop a flexible transformation strategy based on your status quo and specific corporate culture, the HPI ecosystem offers modules such as strategy workshops, startup safaris, the HPI-X Incubator or the technological basis for building your in-house digital learning platform. 

Selected Workshops

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Strategic Design Thinking for Every Day

  • Design Thinking
Online English 549 €
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From Design Thinking Prototypes to Agile Projects

  • Design Thinking
  • IT & Digitalization
Potsdam German 2500 €
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For teams and companies

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From Design Thinking Prototypes to Agile Projects

  • Design Thinking
  • IT & Digitalization


Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation & Transformation
  • IT & Digitalization
  • Leadership

Innovation & Transformation

  • An overview of the most important terms and definitions around Innovation and Transformation.

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