Design Thinking as Success Factor in Organizations

Measuring and Evaluating Design Thinking

Design Thinking has become very popular in recent years. Many innovation managers are currently dealing with the questions of what exactly Design Thinking actually does in the organization and how this added value can be communicated to management. 

In this format, you will gain a profound insight into why Design Thinking is worth becoming part of your corporate culture. 


  • Participants gain a general knowledge of different management control systems based on various research models.  
  • In the subsequent practical work, the participants develop their own strategy for evaluating Design Thinking. 
  • They will learn how Design Thinking can be reflected in their KPIs in order to monitor and evaluate the success of innovation projects.  
  • Alternative possibilities to classical KPIs will be explored in order to give room to the principles of Design Thinking. 

Key Facts


1 dayIndividual, upon request

Workshop language

German or English


Online or in presence  

Target audience

This workshop is designed for innovation managers, project managers, and executives who want to develop a purposeful way to survey and manage the impact of Design Thinking. 


Upon request

More information

Strategic Visioning. To design clear goals for the team. The impact of Design Thinking can only be evaluated against pre-set goals. 

In this workshop, participants will learn about different management control systems:  

From performance measurements to company culture. You will get to know different measurement criteria. In addition, you will analyze your own needs in order to develop suitable approaches. Participants learn to understand and analyze different innovation strategy approaches. 


This format will help you gain both a basic knowledge of topics such as performance measurement, KPIs and OKRs, but also practically develop your own evaluation approach that fits your exact context and needs. 

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