Ethical AI

Practical Introduction to AI Ethics Management

As artificially intelligent algorithms are increasingly used in the course of automation in all business areas, answers must be found to questions about the fair and ethical use of AI.


  • The participants will learn what challenges need to be considered when using historical data to train an AI and why it is not advisable to automatically extrapolate this data to future scenarios.
  • In their focus sessions, the experts will answer the question as to why it is important to be informed at an early stage about the use of ethical AI and will give practical examples of both the successful and unsuccessful use of AI in international companies.
  • The workshop participants will receive an overview of current regulations on the topic, both at the national level and at the EU level and will discuss obstacles to the introduction of ethical AI in their companies.
  • Participation in the masterclass will enable the learners to implement AI projects, taking into account ethical guidelines, and will impart knowledge on selecting the right tools during the purchasing process as well as when operating AI software.
  • The participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the function of algorithms and how they interact with humans.

Key Facts


One-day workshop

Start 9.00 a.m., end approx. 5 p.m.

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HPI Potsdam

Target audience

The masterclass is aimed at entrepreneurs, founders, HR teams and IT managers who are faced with the challenge of increasingly having to use AI software to automate processes in the context of digital transformations and who want to comply with ethical standards when doing so. The masterclass will raise the participants’ awareness of ethical questions that are still too rarely asked in the context of the introduction of AI tools, and will enable them to be able to speak and make decisions in this regard in internal discussions.


1.000 EUR (plus VAT)

Included in the workshop

  • Participation, working materials, all meals and catering
  • Certificate of participation


The one-day masterclass will start with an interactive warm-up on the topic of ethics and everyday situations in which ethical issues play a central role and where decisions are made unconsciously. In three blocks, the participants will receive input in the form of targeted focus lectures, and the respective topics will then be discussed and elaborated in depth in subsequent group work. They will become familiar with areas of tension that can arise between the various stakeholders when introducing ethical AI and will work with other masterclass participants to develop requirements for selecting and implementing the right tools. They will also become familiar with the most important ethics algorithms and will learn where human-in-the-loop models are needed. With the aim of becoming capable of acting and speaking on these topics when dealing with ethical AI, the participants will learn which stakeholders must be taken into account and how ideal operation of ethical AI algorithms can be ensured. They will learn why the installation of an ethical review board is important for building an ethical corporate culture and will learn, based on current practical examples, what challenges need to be overcome when operating ethical AI.


The workshop day at a glance

  • Expectations of the masterclass
  • Group exercise to raise awareness of everyday ethical dilemmas
  • Fundamental AI ethics management
    • How does one choose the right AI tools, and which are the most important ethics algorithms on the market?
    • Which human-in-the-loop models should be considered during implementation?
    • What areas of tension can arise between the stakeholders involved (employees and customers) in terms of value creation and regulatory matters, and how should these be dealt with?
    • How can one ensure that software is operated ethically? Tips and hints for installing an ethical review board Tips and advice for installing an Ethical Review Board.
    • Practical examples from various industries

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