A Personal Leadership Compass

Navigating Uncertainty 

Today’s day-to-day management is characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and constant change processes. Managers today are often faced with major challenges. Transformation processes and a high level of complexity determine their daily work. This is where the workshop “Navigating Uncertainty – A Personal Leadership Compass” comes in. 


  • Learn and practice new ways of decision making and communication with your team.
  • Hone your personal leadership compass in order to lead your own high-performance teams more effectively, especially in uncertain situations.
  • Learn intent-based and agile leadership practices and mapping strategies to navigate teams through uncertain situations.

Key Facts


2 days

Workshop language

English or Bilingual


Day 1: Resourceful Humans, Berlin
Day 2: Hasso Plattner Institute Academy, Potsdam 

Target audience

Navigating Uncertainty – A Personal Leadership Compass is designed for business leaders who want to expand their transformation and agile leadership capabilities. We offer this workshop exclusively for teams and companies. 


Upon Request

Personal Leadership Compass

In this two-day workshop, supported by state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, executives explore their own leadership behavior in situations with high pressure and high uncertainty. With greater awareness of your intuitive strengths and blind spots, you can then integrate best practice and mindsets from intend based and agile leadership to strengthen your capabilities to lead high performance teams in uncertain situations. 


  • You will be trained by two top institutions, HPI Academy and Resourceful Humans.  
  • You will experience two exceptionally inspiring locations during the two days. One, the “Start-up Tech & Sustainability Campus Goerzwerke” in Berlin, and the other the “Digital Innovation Campus, Hasso Plattner Institute” in Potsdam. 
  • You will experiment with a cutting-edge virtual reality game based on the bestseller “Turn the Ship Around” by David Marquett.  
  • You will receive high-quality learning materials for direct transfer and application in daily business and a certificate of participation. 
  • Full catering on both workshop days. 
  • You will receive all templates and card sets to design your “Personal Leadership Compass”. In this way you will be well-prepared to continuing your learning journey and apply your takeaways to your own team. 
  • You will become part of our alumni network and benefit from exclusive invitations to events at the HPI. 


Customized schedule, for an approximate time orientation we recommend: 

1st day

Virtual Reality Dive
An exclusive virtual leadership experience co-hosted by Resourceful Humans & HPI Academy. 

You will participate in a virtual reality game that covers several missions. This collaborative practice with managers from other industries lends uncertainty to the game, but also freedom to experiment and practice new skills in a safe and fun environment.  

Start: 9:30 am, end: 8:30 pm (including dinner), Berlin 

2nd day

Focus on Clarity:  

Gain clarity about your intend-based communication and business missions. 

Focus on Capabilities:  

Mindset, decision making and roadmapping of own leadership, hosted by the HPI Academy. 

The next day is dedicated to reflecting on your own leadership capabilities and mindset as well as learning and applying research-based approaches for leading teams. The fast-paced and dynamic nature of the game invites you to experiment and try out new skills – and best of all, it enables you to realize “blindspots” and to see immediate results in the team’s performance from changing your own behavior and transferring it to your own business reality. 

Using Lego Serious Play, we train intent-based and agile leadership practices to navigate teams through uncertain and complex business realities.  

Mapping strategies are taught to give teams orientation and clarity in uncertain situations. 

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Participant testimonials

The leadership format Navigating Uncertainty – Personal Leadership Compass is a real experience. The immersion in virtual reality makes one's own leadership behavior directly tangible and the transfer to the reality of one's own company shows how agile leadership can succeed.

Dr. Marcus Kölling

CFO Hasso Plattner Institute

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Participant testimonials

Navigating Uncertainty – A Personal Leadership Compass is a deep-dive into your own leadership skills. It is one of those rare trainings you won't forget.

Dr. Stephanie Ullrich

Managing Director of HPC Germany 

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.