Examples of Successful Cooperation with Organizations

Where do companies profit from Design Thinking and other agile methods? How do organizations implement this innovative approach in concrete terms and with what measurable effects?

This small selection from hundreds of successfully implemented innovation and transformation projects is intended to give you insight into the various areas of application of the innovation method.

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Our Topics

  • Design Thinking enables organizations to innovate in an intelligent way. We are leading in the field of Design Thinking education, training and certification.

  • With our Leadership Development, Organizational Development and Strategy formats, we provide specific support in building leadership capabilities and setting up modern structures within organizations.

  • We offer a modular portfolio, from which programs for both singular transformation phases as well as those for comprehensive innovation and transformation projects are developed.

  • To harness the potential of digital transformation, professionals need IT skills that help them tackle complex business challenges, and thus create real value for their organizations. We support organizations in this process.