HPI Design Thinking Connect&Do Day

Unexpected connections, wild ideas and bold change-makers in an atmosphere  of fun, inspiration and good food & drinks – that is the essence of our  Connect & Do Day.

All Inspirational Speakers, Design Thinking Jammers, Start-Ups, the coaches and all the Professional  Track Alumni with their guests bring such a positive energy making this event exceptional.

This Connect&Do Day we focused on “Impact of Design Thinking on Organizational Culture”. A big thanks to the more than 80 participants for a lively day full of action. A special thanks goes out to the contributors who made the day a success through their inspiring talks, new workshops formats, startup challenges and their stories of how they are hacking Design Thinking in their professional and personal contexts. Thank you and see you soon.

Annie & the ProTrack Team

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Get a glimpse of the atmosphere and spirit here (please click on a picture to start):

Impressions from the Connect&Do Day 2016

Photos: Dirk Lässig

Keep on daring doing the new! 

The next Professional Track will be launched Feburary 2018.

Start-up Safari

Let’s go on Safari in Berlin – and be inspired by the heart of the German start-up community

Berlin is the undisputed center of the German start-up community. The community has evolved into a unique ecosystem for young entrepreneurs and the creative industry. Visit start-ups, technology companies, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces to learn about the methods and practices of start-ups and their founders and get valuable impulses for your own work.

Target group

The Safari is designed for corporate teams and offers the opportunity to gain insights into the methods and mindsets of young entrepreneurs.

The Start-up Safari is suited for up to 25 people.


  • Spend a whole day with us touring Berlin visiting these “early stage” companies.
  • Meet selected start-ups and their teams and obtain a firsthand impression of how they work and how they benefit from Berlin as their home. See how young entrepreneurs network and live in Berlin and how they develop their innovations.
  • Successful founders talk about their experiences in setting up their own enterprises.
  • We will also visit a start-up hub and look closely at the way incubators and their concept of co-working operate.
  • The Safari enables its participants to look at their own working processes in a new light. Experience the vibrant work environments of start-ups and possibly transfer your observations into your own company.

The Safari is offered in German and English. We are happy to tailor the offer to your personal needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Pro-Bono Workshop for Non-Profit Organisations

On August 8, 2016, members of about 40 non-profit organisations had the unique opportunity to dive into the world of Design Thinking for one day. In a free workshop participants from all over Germany developed ideas and concepts to improve the "craftsmen experience" applying the innovation method.

(Report of HPI on the Open Course for non-profit-organizations - German only)

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