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The HPI Academy is the leading provider of executive education in the fields of Design Thinking and Innovation. A trailblazer of a new corporate working culture, we are a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute that offers high-quality Design Thinking education for professionals as well as C-Level IT Consulting.

The HPI Academy designs learning experiences tailored to your team’s unique background and needs, and integrates our research and expertise in Design Thinking, IT-trends, and business innovation. 

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Formats for individuals

Open Course - Design Thinking

You want to develop new approaches to innovation in your company? The Design Thinking Open Course is a three-day workshop which brings you closer to the core elements of … > more

Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development

Intensive courses with different themes designed to help participants use and get a deeper understanding of the methods involved. The aim is to provide an expanded … > more

Design Thinking - Professional Track

This program is specifically designed for executives who are decision makers and innovation catalysts in organizations searching for creative solutions to the complex … > more

Studying Design Thinking

Studying at the HPI School of Design Thinking is also possible for professionals: Together with the students of the Design Thinking Basic Track you can … > more

Certification Design Thinking Coach

Ziele des Zertifizerungsprogramms Das Zertifizierungsprogramm für Design-Thinking-Coaches zielt darauf ab... die TeilnehmerInnen zu befähigen, das volle Potential von … > more

For organizations

Design Thinking team workshops

Our trainings are designed to match the unique background, experiences and goals of your group. Learn Design Thinking in a methodological workshop or apply it to your own … > more

Project coaching

You want your team to use Design Thinking for their own, real-life challenges over longer term projects? The HPI Academy is experienced in creating individual coaching … > more

Implementing Design Thinking in your organization

Would you like to create a culture of innovation in your company, inspire your staff with new ways of thinking and develop concrete, user-centered products or services? We … > more


Rent premises at HPI

Looking for suitable premises for your event? Our modern premises are open to non-students not only during our Executive Education workshops, but also during external … > more

Workshop rooms

Ideas flourish best in a free and flexible working environment. Our workshop facilities offer you the perfect setting for your innovation experience - superbly located … > more

IT & Digitalization

HPI-Stanford Certificate “Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation“ (LDTAI)

Together with the Stanford Center of Professional Development at Stanford University we offer a program on digital transformation > more

Workshops and inputs

In our customized workshops and inputs delivered by HPI scientists we make you and your team familiar with the latest IT trends and developments. > more

IT Consulting

In cooperation with one of Germany's most noted university institutes for IT, the HPI, we offer professional C-Level IT Consulting and Coaching as well as expertise in the … > more