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AI Essentials for Decision Makers - Navigating the future of Business

HPI and Merantix combine their know-how to enable decision makers to understand the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, apply it to their own business field and support them in its implementation.

Artificial Intelligence is used in a wide variety of departments in companies in almost every industry. Very often, however, the term is used in a general way without taking into account the different facets of the technology. For example, in addition to machine learning, deep learning and visual computing, experts also include natural language processing and generation, speech recognition, image analysis and robotics in the discipline of “artificial intelligence”. A decade ago, only 12 of the world’s companies were using AI in any form, but the rapid development of computing power has made artificial intelligence almost indispensable in day-to-day business.

The areas of application of AI are diverse: from data analysis of decision-making processes, automation of existing business processes, chatbots, to AI as an essential component of new digital business models, speech processing, or even as a feature of products and services.

Key Facts


2-day workshop

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Day 1: Campus Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam

Day 2: Merantix AI Campus Berlin


2.500 EUR (plus VAT) / Individual offer upon request


  • Insight into the technology of Artificial Intelligence with regard to its possibilities and potentials in diverse business contexts.
  • Getting to know and trying out the HPI AI Navigator for managing AI in organizations
  • Inspiring keynote speeches by HPI faculty
  • Direct application to own cases that either generate added value across business or address specific challenges of companies
  • Insight into the Merantix ecosystem and the Merantix AI Campus Berlin
  • Concrete impulses for the realization of AI solutions, strategic considerations and potential business models
  • “Validation Check” by Merantix experts

Program overview

Day 1, Hasso Plattner Institute Campus in Potsdam

Day 1 will take place at the Hasso Plattner Institute Campus in Potsdam. In two keynote speeches, Prof. Dr. Ralf Herbrich will provide impulses and insights as a basis for developing use cases. Application scenarios will be explored in teamwork.
Learn from Prof. Dr. Gerard de Melo how the interaction of application scenarios and responsible use of AI succeeds.

Day 2, Merantix AI Campus in Berlin

Day 2 will take place at the Merantix AI Campus in Berlin with the following topics:
AI impact vs. Hype – methods for assessment and prioritization, evaluating and measuring the business case and integrating the solution into existing processes and the organization, basics of data quality and quantity, its availability, and risks and methods regarding compliance and regulation. The workshop ends with ideas for integration and the development of a roadmap.

Your coaches

Prof. Dr. Ralf Herbrich

Prof. Dr. Ralf Herbrich

Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

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Prof. Dr. Gerard de Melo

Prof. Dr. Gerard de Melo

Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

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AI Essentials for Decision Makers – Navigating the future of Business

Potsdam & Berlin English 2500 €
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