Mastering Design Thinking: Method Deep Dive

This workshop aims to, your understanding of the individual process phases deepen and your to significantly expand their repertoire of methods. Ideal for anyone who wants to improve their design skills thinking and to develop it in their practice more flexibly in their practice.


  • In-depth process knowledge: Deepen your understanding of the process through longer inputs from our coaches and exchanges with other advanced Design Thinking practitioners.
  • Expanded understanding of methods: Learn a variety of design thinking methods and tools to strengthen your skills in the individual process phases.
  • Practical experience and method hacking: Gain practical experience by trying out different methods and learn to adapt them flexibly or even create your own methods.

Key Facts


3 Days

Follow-up appointment (90 minutes, online)
approx. 6 weeks after workshop

Workshop language

Bilingual (German-English)


HPI d-school Professional Development in Potsdam

Target audience

The workshop is aimed at specialists and executives, team and project leaders, trainers and consultants, as well as employees from all industries who have already come into contact with Design Thinking and gained experience in its use (e.g. through an introductory course such as our Design Thinking Introduction).

We also offer this workshop exclusively for companies – feel free to bring your own project or challenge!


3,000 EUR (plus VAT); 15 % discount on the participation fee for participants of the workshop Design Thinking Foundations: Mindset & Process (formerly Design Thinking Introduction)

Included in the workshop

  • Full board and happy hour
  • Working materials
  • one coach per max. six participants
  • a digital follow-up


  • Experienced coaches and interdisciplinary learning: Benefit from the expertise of our Design Thinking Coaches and the exchange in an interdisciplinary team.
  • Network expansion and new perspectives: make valuable contacts with people from a wide range of professional backgrounds.
  • Inspiring learning environment: Use our specially equipped design thinking rooms for joint creative work.
  • Extensive resources for follow-up: Receive photo documentation, materials and literature recommendations to immediately apply what you have learned in practice.
  • Exclusive alumni network: Become part of our alumni network and receive invitations to special Design Thinking events.


Day 1: Warm-ups and process phases

We bstartn with the topic Warm-ups in design Thinking“, which has a important Importance in relation to the Design Thinking have a mindset. Then it goes to Exploration variousr Methods for the first two process phases.

Day 2: Methods for synthesis and idea generation

Here you continue your learning journey and experiment withst with methods for the phases of synthesis and idea generation phases. An expert input rounds off the Day.

Day 3: Prototyping, testing and method hacking

Deepen on the last Day your knowledge in prototyping and testing. Finally, you dedicate yourself to the topic of customizing Playing with methodsto stimulate your flexibility.

Follow-Up (online)

The follow-up session following the workshop offers the participants participants the opportunity to meet again with each other and with a coach from HPI about 4 to 6 weeks after the course.HPI’s exchange. This supports a sustainable learning experience: What could be transferred from the workshop into everyday work? What obstacles or challenges have emerged? What did the content do or change?

Participant votes

The Design Thinking Advanced Presentation Seminar helped me a lot to deepen my knowledge about Design Thinking and to transfer it more tangibly into my everyday consulting work. It quickly became clear which specific tools and methods we would be using in the seminar to help design practical solutions. The support from the Hasso Plattner Institute was very good, and the technical support from the team coaches in the teams of 5 was impeccable. Open questions and different idea scenarios were answered immediately and discussed in the team.

Andreas Straehler

Managing Director WACHSTUMSPLAN GmbH

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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