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Open Course: Introduction to Design Thinking in 3 days

Do you want to get to know Design Thinking and try this new innovation method yourself? Then come to our Open Course and give it a go! For further information, dates and registration please click here

For organizations

Design Thinking team workshops

Our trainings are designed to match the unique background, experiences and goals of your group. Learn Design Thinking in a methodological workshop or apply it to your own practical challenge in a … > more

Project coaching

You want your team to use Design Thinking for their own, real-life challenges over longer term projects? The HPI Academy is experienced in creating individual coaching concepts that guide you through … > more

Implementing Design Thinking in your organization

Would you like to create a culture of innovation in your company, inspire your staff with new ways of thinking and develop concrete, user-centered products or services? We develop concepts for the … > more

Formats for individuals

Open Course

You want to develop new approaches to innovation in your company? The Design Thinking Open Course is a three-day workshop which brings you closer to the core elements of the innovation method of … > more

Open Course Deep Dive

Intensive courses with different themes designed to help participants use and get a deeper understanding of the methods involved. The aim is to provide an expanded “toolbox” to experienced design … > more

Professional Track

This program is specifically designed for executives who are decision makers and innovation catalysts in organizations searching for creative solutions to the complex challenges within their working … > more


Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches. How you can teach innovation and guide creative teams As more people want to learn about Design Thinking, it becomes increasingly important to … > more


About us

We are driven by our passion and enthusiasm for Design Thinking and IT. Our expertise and profound experience with numerous projects make us a competent and reliable partner. > more

Workshop rooms

Ideas flourish best in a free and flexible working environment. Our workshop facilities offer you the perfect setting for your innovation experience - superbly located with just a short ride to both … > more

Rent premises at HPI

Looking for suitable premises for your event? Our modern premises are open to non-students not only during our Executive Education workshops, but also during external events. Seminar rooms and lecture … > more

IT & Digitalization

Workshops and inputs

In our customized workshops and inputs delivered by HPI scientists we make you and your team familiar with the latest IT trends and developments. > more

HPI-Stanford Certificate “Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation“

Together with the Stanford Center of Professional Development at Stanford University we offer a program on digital transformation > more

IT Consulting

In cooperation with one of Germany's most noted university institutes for IT, the HPI, we offer professional C-Level IT Consulting and Coaching as well as expertise in the implementation of Massive … > more

Innovation can be learned!

The HPI Academy is the leading provider of executive education in the fields of Design Thinking and Innovation. A trailblazer of a new corporate working culture, we are a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute that offers high-quality Design Thinking education for professionals as well as C-Level IT Consulting.

The HPI Academy designs learning experiences tailored to your team’s unique background and needs, and integrates our research and expertise in Design Thinking, IT-trends, and business innovation.

Our services

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a systematic approach to innovation that leverages multidisciplinary teams, flexible working spaces, and creative methodologies in order to create user-centered products, services or experiences. The HPI Academy can support you in starting or deepening your journey of sustainable innovation using Design Thinking.

  • Offerings for individuals: “Open Courses” for beginners, “Open Course Deep Dives” for advanced learners, a certification program, and the “Professional Track” for individuals and small teams bringing their own practical project.
  • Offerings for organizations: We can design custom methodological and strategic workshops, coach design thinking projects within organizations, and support organizations in implementing a new working culture based on design thinking principles.

IT Consulting

Today’s fast-changing business environment and technology make the right IT strategy essential for the sustainable success of your company. The HPI Academy supports decision makers by leveraging the skills and expertise of the HPI in formulating IT strategy, leading digital initiatives or implementing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

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