Our Design Thinking Portfolio:

The School of Design Thinking at the HPI Potsdam is Europe’s epicenter for Design Thinking education. Since 2007, the D-School’s multidisciplinary teaching team has run hundreds of students through a unique study program and real-life innovation projects. In close cooperation with its sister institute at Stanford University and its partners from all major industries, the HPI D-School has gained vast experience in innovation methodologies and Design Thinking education. 

The HPI Academy offers Design Thinking for professionals

Tailored to your company’s individual goals, background, and teams, HPI Academy learning formats offer you the latest in IT-trends, business innovation and Design Thinking. In small groups of 5-6 people, you are guided through your innovation experience. These are our formats:

For organizations

The HPI Academy offers Design Thinking formats for groups of any size.

  • Design Thinking Team Workshops teach you Design Thinking methods and/or lead you through the application of Design Thinking for your individual project.
  • Design Thinking Coaching accompanies and supports you in applying Design Thinking over a longer-term company project.
  • We are your partner for the implementation of the Design Thinking culture in your organization.
  • You have an event at which you want to activate the participants, bring them together as a team, and/or enrich their knowledge and skills with an innovation input? The HPI Academy can offer individual concepts for you.