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Design Thinking in der Bildung

The book is an appeal by scholars to break new ground in education to prepare our society for the diverse challenges of the 21st century. Design Thinking has long been established as a powerful innovation approach that can help tackle complicated problems and steer change in all areas of life. The research & field reports of many scholars in the new anthology show how great the potential of Design Thinking is also in education. They present innovative educational approaches in a variety of fields, illuminate them from different angles and open up new perspectives for the education system to the readers. Learn more
Design Thinking Navigator

Design Thinking Navigator - "Card Set for Creative Project Work"

This card set is ideal for use in project work, but can also be used for workshop planning.Design Thinking: Solve problems together, user-centered and iterative, develop innovations and have fun!

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Design Thinking Research – Interrogating the Doing

The latest work “Interrogating the Doing” from the series: Design Thinking Research provides readers with tools to bridge the gap between research and practice in design thinking with varied real world examples. Several different approaches to design thinking are presented in this volume. Acquired frameworks are leveraged to understand design thinking team dynamics. The research outcomes compiled in this book are intended to inform and provide inspiration for all those seeking to drive innovation – be they experienced design thinkers or newcomers. Furthermore this book provides an outlook on the emerging field of neurodesign research. Learn more

Design Thinking Research – Hasso Plattner, Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer (Ed.)

Within the Design Thinking Research Program (DTRP), researchers from Stanford University and HPI strive to apply rigorous academic methods to understand how and why Design Thinking innovation works and fails. The research results from the different DTRP projects are annually published in the Springer volume “Understanding Innovation”. The reader gains insights into the latest scientific findings about factors of success, tools and methods of Design Thinking.

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From the HPI: Design Thinking Live – Christoph Meinel, Ulrich Weinberg, Timm Krohn (Ed.)

In Design Thinking Live friends and partners of HPI Academy und HPI School of Design Thinking share their experiences with the innovation approach. Contributors from research and industry worldwide as well as D-School alumni report on how Design Thinking is applied in practice and why real innovation is easier and more successful with Design Thinking.

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Design Thinking & Organisations: Network Thinking – Ulrich Weinberg (Ed.)

You are looking for a metaphor describing the paradigm shift from analog to digital world? Take a look at your bookshelf! The author uses the centuries-old encyclopedia, the famous German „Brockhaus“, as a thinking model of the analog 20th century and, on the other hand, uses the network as the thinking model for the digital 21st century. Learn how board members of global corporations are reshaping their organization, teachers are rebuilding their education and how Network Thinking can also be personally useful to you.

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For managers and innovators: Putting Design Thinking to Work – Christoph Meinel, Steven Ney

This book discusses how the methods and mindsets of design thinking empower large organizations to create groundbreaking innovations. Based on real-world cases from a wide range of organizations around the globe, the book offers managers and innovators practical guidance on initiating and managing the cultural transformations required for effective innovation.

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Study on the success of Design Thinking

In the business sector, Design Thinking has developed from a creative technique into a driver of corporate change. This is one of the main results of the first large-scale scientific study on the effect of Design Thinking in daily work. Researchers of the HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program found that companies and organizations are using this innovation concept in an even more extensive and diverse way than was previously thought.

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Prototyping Card Set

The prototyping card set is a useful collection of 36 different prototyping methods. The card set was created within the HPI Stanford Design Thinking Research Program and is exclusively available from HPI Academy.

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Examples of Successful Cooperation with Organizations