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Disruptive value creation for users and the respective economic or social system, enabled by technology. May happen on different levels such as products, services, processes, or business models in a system. Innovation as an equation: Innovation = Disruption + Integration  


Series of interrelated systeminnovations with synergetic impact that brings about a system change.


Helping (OR: Supporting… in achieving a …) a group of two or more people to achieve a common goal. 


Building knowledge, infrastructuresresources and processes to efficiently reach a common goal. 


Any undertaking carried out individually or collaboratively that is intended to achieve a specific goal. 


Entity comprised of one or more people that is built to serve a particular purpose.

Methods and Tools

Concrete procedures and artefacts used to carry out a task with a specific goal. 


Expression of values and mentality that influences behavior in various situations. 


Generalization of learnings from experiences as model or guideline for application in new situations


General plan to achieve one or more overall goals, taking into account any conditions of uncertainty. 

Strategic Design Thinking

Integrated, agile approach that combines Design Thinking methods, mindset and principles to an agile plan that helps in achieving overall goals under the conditions of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). 

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Strategic Design Thinking for Every Day

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From Design Thinking Prototypes to Agile Projects

  • Design Thinking
  • IT & Digitalization
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From Design Thinking Prototypes to Agile Projects

  • Design Thinking
  • IT & Digitalization


Leading Remote Teams

  • Design Thinking

Innovation & Transformation

  • An overview of the most important terms and definitions around Innovation and Transformation.

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Examples of Successful Cooperation with Organizations

Where do companies profit from Design Thinking and other agile methods? How do organizations implement this innovative approach in concrete terms and with what measurable effects?

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HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence

We offer a practical approach to our knowledge that is outstanding, international and scientifically sound. Our new HPI Academy Certificate “Innovation Excellence” certifies your competence to professionally introduce and lead innovation and transformation processes.  

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