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Design Thinking Introduction

In three Dayto a new Design Thinking Mindset: Innovation can be learned

The HPI Academy’s Design Thinking Introduction workshop is one of the most established learning formats on Design Thinking worldwide. In the sought-after workshops of recent years, hundreds of professionals from all industries have discovered this method for themselves and their organizations. In the spirit of design thinking, the program is constantly being developed. The participants design solutions for a concrete problem in multidisciplinary teams and thus go through the design thinking process. Short theoretical introductions to methods and tools alternate with practical experience and subsequent reflection.


  • You will learn the working and thinking methods of Design Thinking.
  • We teach you practical tools and methods for developing solutions to problems that you can apply directly in your everyday professional life.
  • They experience a new form of work culture based on empathy, playful trial and error, and a user-centric approach.
  • Through the combination of short lectures, practical exercises as well as problem-oriented teamwork, you will acquire this agile method in a sustainable way.

Key Facts

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3 Day

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HPI Academy, Potsdam

Target audience

This format is aimed at people from all professions and all company sizes who are frequently confronted with complex problems in their everyday work and would like an initial introduction to Design Thinking.


3.000 EUR (plus VAT)

Included in the workshop

  • Participation, working materials, one coach per max. six participants
  • Full board and happy hour (for face-to-face workshops)
  • A digital follow-up


  • You will learn design thinking methods from experienced design thinking coaches in a small, interdisciplinary team.
  • You will meet people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, expand your network and open up new perspectives.
  • You’ll work in our design thinking spaces, which are equipped with flexible furniture, prototyping materials, and plenty of room for wild ideas.
  • You will be provided with photo documentation, slides, materials, and recommended reading so you can move right along after the workshop.
  • You can become part of our alumni network and benefit from exclusive invitations to design thinking events at HPI.
  • Whether you want to discover and apply Design Thinking for yourself or introduce Design Thinking to an entire department or organization, we will create the learning experience that best meets your needs.


Day 1:

On the first Day, participants receive an intensive introduction to the methods and working methods of Design Thinking within the framework of various lectures and exercises. The special focus of the Dayis on the so-called problem space, in which the problem is redefined from the user’s point of view, in order to lay down new lines of sight and open up innovative solution perspectives. For this, participants learn to understand a problem, to make use of interdisciplinary understanding, and to conduct and evaluate interviews.

Start: 9:00 a.m., End: 5:15 p.m. with transition to a happy hour

Day 2:

The focus of the second Dayis on the first steps in the solution space, i.e. the phases of idea generation and prototyping. For this purpose, the participants learn methods for creative brainstorming and the selection of ideas as well as different approaches to prototyping through short inputs and teamwork phases.

Start: 9:00, End: 17:00

Day 3:

On the third Day, the focus is both on testing the developed prototypes and understanding the iterative approach, and on reflecting on the methods. This reflection serves to transfer what has been experienced and learned into practice in a meaningful way: Which method is suitable for which process step? How do the tools differ, where are there similarities? How did the collaboration in a diverse team go? How can a first transfer into the own work context look like?

Start: 9:00, End: 16:00

Follow-up (online):

The follow-up appointment following the workshop offers participants the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and with a coach from the HPI Academy again about 4 to 6 weeks after the course. This supports a sustainable learning experience: What could be transferred from the workshop into everyday work? What obstacles or challenges have emerged? What did the content do or change?

Participants' comments

The Daywith you have deeply impressed and stimulated me. I notice an effect in communication in general, I am somehow even more approachable, user-centered.

Martin Rohrbach


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Participants' comments

Your workshop was really great! I took away an incredible amount from it and am deeply impressed by everything. We have already been able to apply some of this in the team and I am very happy to have been with you!

Julia Jakobi


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Participants' comments

The workshop was very educational, fun and provided an opportunity to meet 'like-minded people'. I take a lot of positive things with me and am already applying some of them in our company. I'm looking forward to a sequel and will certainly be there again.

Alex Herrmann


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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