First Aid Training Truck


First Aid Training Truck

Sample challenge from an introduction to Design Thinking lays the foundation for the actual development and implementation of the innovation and communication project #10000LebenRetten—with nationwide impact.  

This case study shows that the Design Thinking introductory workshops at HPI Academy are more than just training to achieve greater innovative and agile workingTheyt can also have an impact on the lives of thousands of people.  The initial thrust for the “First Aid Training Truck” and the Germany-wide “#10000LebenRetten” initiative came from the workshop that Teva/ratiopharm booked at the HPI Academy in 2018. Employees of the international pharmaceutical group, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a world market leader among generic drug companies, brought the state-of-the-art life-saving training tool live to the streets just two years later. When the “First Aid Training Truck” actually returns to the Hasso Plattner Institute campus in October 2021, things will have come full circle.  

Starting Point

Teva/ratiopharm was drawn to the HPI Academy by a desire to learn an agile way of working in an application-oriented manner.

The wish was to experience Design Thinking, implement elements of this approach, bring innovation into their own internal processes and working methods and increase their ability to innovate. 

The HPI Academy trained a seven-person, interdisciplinary team from Teva/ratiopharm in the Design Thinking method on site in Ulm. Within just two days, the participants in this tailor-made workshop were experiencing a completely new way of thinking and working. 

Working closely with Program Lead and Design Thinking Coach, Marc Stussak, the team started the Design Thinking process with the model challenge: “Redesign the first-aid experience for non-professionals”. 


Aha moments

The surprises and inspiration of an exchange of ideas with potential real-life users. The design thinking process as a catalyst for innovative and people-centered ideas.  

One of the most exciting insights for the Teva/ratiopharm team came from direct contact with potential users. The Ulm University campus was ideally suited for real-life field research and the implementation of user interviews on the subject of first aid. The two teams of interviewers were very pleasantly surprised by the openness of the respondents. When the interviewers indicated that the main thing they wanted was to listen and learn from the respondents and their experiences, the respondents proved patient, interested and communicative. Thus, the Teva/ratiopharm employees had a new and very positive learning experience. 



The methodical training at the HPI Academy opens up new horizons for TEVA/ratiopharm, highlights and promotes undreamed-of strengths within the team, and lays the foundations for an innovative lighthouse project with major impact. 

A clear picture of the design thinking approach emerged for the team within a very short space of time, thanks to positive experiences with the user research and an intensive coming to grips with the challenge and the creative implementation of the prototype and test scenarios within the solution space. The Teva/ratiopharm team was very inspired by the method, took their work with design thinking to heart, and recognized the value of the perspectives gained. Since then, individual techniques learned by the team have often been used in various meetings and working groups.