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Fit for Scrum in 3 Day

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The Scrum-method is a framework for agile project management or rather agile product development and is probably the best-known method in the context of agile working methods. Particularly complex (IT) projects require professional management with a clear focus on customer benefits and actual value creation. The Scrum framework helps organizations execute projects and continuously deliver high-quality results and products.

In the workshop, besides the presentation of the basics, an orientation is given in which direction the participants want to develop; to become a Scrum Master or a Product Owner. Accordingly, both exams will be prepared for.


  • Teaching all the important basics of Scrum with a special focus on understanding and applying the method.
  • Participants become familiar with the method in very interactive exercises.
  • There is a guided orientation as to whether the personal focus is on the Scrum Master or the Product Owner.
  • You will be optimally prepared for the exam “Professional Scrum Master I™ (PSM I)” and “Professional Scrum Product Owner I™ (PSPO I)”.

Key Facts



3 Day

Workshop language


Target audience

The workshop is aimed at team leads, project managers, product and software developers as well as employees who initiate, coordinate and accompany projects. In addition, the workshop is suitable for company and strategy managers as well as decision-makers.


2.500 EUR (plus VAT)

More information

Please note that the exams (in English) are not part of the workshop. Participants can book and take the Professional Scrum Master™ I (PSM I) and Professional Scrum Product Owner™ I (PSPO I) exams individually. The exam registration takes place online via Exam costs are not included in the workshop price.

The intensive workshop includes a basic introduction to the topic of agility and agile working methods. Special focus is placed on agile culture and agile mindset. The essential Scrum values and roles as well as artifacts & events will also be presented in an interactive and practical way.

On the first two Day, the focus is on the Scrum Master. The third Day is primarily about the role of the product owner and his tasks and basic techniques. The workshop includes numerous practical exercises. This not only optimally prepares participants for the respective Scrum exam, but also enables them to apply the knowledge directly in the context of their own organization.


Day 1:

  • Onboarding – welcome and getting to know each other
  • Definition and overview Agility
  • Agile culture
  • Scrum in detail
    • Empiricism & Values
    • Roles, artifacts, events
    • Focus: Scrum Master
  • Day

Start: 9:00, End: 17:00

Day 2:

  • Welcome & Review Day 1
  • Completion Scrum in detail
  • Retrospective
  • Scrum add-ons
  • Scrum simulation
  • Preparation for certification PSM1
  • Q&A and feedbackDay 1-2)

Start: 9:00, End: 16:30

Day 3:

  • Welcome
  • Role of the Product Owner in detail
    • A Day in the life of a PO
    • Strategic and Tactical Product Planning
    • Tools and exercises
  • Decision support: Which role am I more suited for?
  • Preparation for certification PSPO1
  • Q&A session

Start: 9 am, End: 15:00

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