Design Thinking Cases

Where do companies benefit from Design Thinking? How do you apply the approach? In this collection of cases, we bring together some examples of how companies are generating concrete benefits from Design Thinking. The cases illustrate the many possible applications of Design Thinking and the impact that can be achieved with the help of the innovation approach.



Agile work on agile furniture

Sedus, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of office solutions, approached the HPI Academy with the intention of thinking and working in an even more innovative and customer-centric way. > Go to article

Implementation of the Design Thinking Mindset at the AOK

How can the AOK become even more agile and customer-oriented? > Go to article

Hochland on track toward a successful future – Keeping the focus on the customer

To keep the traditional family business strong and fit for the future, the food manufacturer Hochland has tried out new ways. > Go to article


The New DB Infopoint: Human-Centered Focal Point of the Train Station

DB Station&Service AG operates the German railway stations and the Info Points are important areas of contact. > Go to article

UCB - an innovative Ethics & Compliance Tool

A project within the Ethics & Compliance team of UCB applied design thinking to develop a novel solution to better support their colleagues when facing difficult situations. > Go to article