New Publication

Design Thinking in Education: Innovation Can Be Learned

In October 2021, the new book Design Thinking in Education: Innovation Can Be Learned was published by the scientific publisher Wiley-VCH. It is an appeal by scientists to break new ground in education to prepare our society for the diverse challenges of the 21st century. An English volume was be published by Springer Nature in Spring 2022. 


Design Thinking has long been established as a powerful innovation approach that can help tackle complicated problems and guide change in all areas of life. The research and experience reports of many scientists in the new anthology show how great the potential of design thinking is also in education. They present innovative educational approaches in a variety of fields, illuminate them from different angles, and open up new perspectives for the education system to readers. 

HPI is Europe’s leading hub in the field of design thinking with its own HPI School of Design Thinking, founded in 2007, and the HPI Academy continuing education provider. In the new volume, renowned design thinking experts from the institute’s international network report on new approaches and their experiences from 15 years of working in design thinking education. This makes the book particularly interesting for people who work in different educational contexts or who are interested in innovative educational approaches. 

The editor of the anthology is Professor Christoph Meinel, Director of the Hasso Plattner Institute. Authors include colleagues from the HPI Academy: Annie Kerguenne, Flavia Bleuel, Selina Mayer, Steven Ney, and Jan Koch. 

Leadership Coaching at the HPI Academy

Flavia Bleuel and Selina Mayer are both Program Leads for Corporate Design. Our two experts offer customized workshops for companies. In this above mentioned book they have contributed a chapter on leadership.