The HPI Campus

The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), situated directly next to the Griebnitzsee metropolitan train (S-Bahn) station, is superbly located in terms of accessibility with just a short ride to both the capital Berlin and Potsdam’s city center. The lake-side campus is an impressive oasis of greenery set in beautifully tended grounds. The HPI Academy is located directly on the campus. 

Ideas flourish best in a free and flexible working environment. Variable rooms are adapted to the needs of each project. Tables and partitions can be moved on rollers. Walls and almost all other surfaces are used freely to visualize thoughts and to share results. Shelves of colorful materials invite participants to illustrate ideas quickly and to bring them to life.

Our workshop facilities in Potsdam offer you the perfect setting for your innovation experience.

Our ProSpace in House E

Our D-Space in the HPI main building