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Leading Remote Teams

You want to lead your project teams safely even in virtual space, design team collaboration interactively and navigate your Design Thinking projects with success through the critical work phases. In this one-day workshop, you will learn to use the potential of the virtual space under the guidance of experienced Design Thinking coaches. 


  • You discover, how to use the virtual space in an ideal way for result-driven work.
  • You learn how to use the methods of virtual team building. 
  • You will learn how to apply Design Thinking methods specifically within your project work. 
  • You train your leadership skills and use the potential of the virtual space for your innovation projects. 

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Workshop times: 9:00 am – approx. 5:00 pm  

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Target audience

Specialists and executives with basic knowledge of Design Thinking and the use of virtual collaboration tools (Zoom and Miro), who would like to lead their Design Thinking project teams in virtual space with even greater competence and confidence.  

This workshop can be booked exclusively for groups of three or more participants. We are looking forward to your request.


850 EUR (plus VAT)

More information

This online training is part of the HPI Academy’s hybrid learning offering and is suitable as a supplement to the on-campus Professional Track. If you decide on the three-month Design Thinking Professional Autumn Track 2022, you will be credited with EUR 850 for this workshop. 

To be combined with: Professional Track. 

The workshop focuses on four elementary questions of team performance in the virtual space: 

  1. Which Design Thinking skills are important for team leaders to manage and guide remote teams? 
  2. How do I develop a concept that makes optimal use of the conditions in the digital space to achieve the working goals of an innovation session? 
  3. How can I activate my team through targeted virtual teambuilding and warm-up methods and guide them through the different Design Thinking phases? 
  4. How do I design the critical work phases of a Design Thinking project in the digital space?  
    • Observe and explore user needs with cultural probes. 
    • Prototyping for user interaction and feedback with methods like virtual roleplay and interactive storyboards


  • Certificate of participation from the HPI Academy. Participation can be credited towards the HPI Academy certificate “Innovation Excellence”. 
  • Immediate applicability of what you have learned in your daily work 
  • Exchange experiences with participants from different industries and working capacities, and expand your professional network 
  • Documentation of all work results 
  • Experience-based training through practical exercises combined with reflection and feedback rounds 
  • Close supervision by experienced coaches in small working groups (max. 6 participants) 

Workshop day at a glance

In the Morning: Introduction in Leading Remote Teams

Methods for the work focus  

  • Bridge warmups for transfer into respective phases 
  • Development and practical application 

Start: 9:00 am, end: 12:00 am

Lunch Break

Start: 12:00 pm, end: 1:00 pm 

Afternoon: Methods in the innovation phases

Concept development, implementation, and field test for the phases Observe and Prototyping & Testing  

  • Cultural Probes  
  • Interactive User Testing with Prototypes (Virtual Roleplay and Interactive Storyboard) 

Start: 1:00 pm, end: 5:00 pm 

Your Coaches

Annie Kerguenne

Annie Kerguenne

Director Transformation Strategies and Design Thinking Master Coach

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With the right concept, virtual teamwork can be designed in such a way that the digital space becomes an opportunity - not a constraint.

Jens Lehmann

Director HR

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Developing your own warm-up methods ensures that they also fit into the corporate culture.

Katharina Bensmann

Project Director

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I was surprised at how easy it can be to design virtual workshops.

Anne Marschner

Business consultant

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Dr. Carina Nestmeyer

After this day, I was able to transfer the workshop insights directly into my work.

Senior Data Scientist

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.