Essentials of Agile Online Coaching

The online program “Essentials of Online Agile Coaching” teaches the hands-on basics of agile team coaching in virtual spaces.  

Here, participants learn the design and practical implementation of outcome-oriented agile online workshops. The four-day program is suitable for team or project leaders as well as trainers or coaches from all industries who want to better support their teams in virtual space. 


  • You will learn the key methods of agile development and Design Thinking.   
  • You will be empowered to design and execute effective teamwork in virtual environments.   
  • You will learn the practical application of various coaching methods. 

Key Facts



 4 days

March 31/ April 1 and April 5 /April 6, 2022

Workshop language

Inputs and presentations are in English. The work in the teams is done in German or English, depending on the preferences and skills of the team.


Online: Zoom/Miro

Target audience

  • Those who need to lead agile teams in achieving their goals.  
  • Those looking to acquire basic agile coaching skills.   
  • Those who want to get practical agile coaching experience.
  • Experienced coaches who specifically want to try out and expand their agile coaching skills in an online environment.


4,000 EUR (plus VAT)

This program consists of two parts:  

The first part gives participants the opportunity to explore the success factors and relevant practices essential to conducting professional online workshops. In particular, participants learn to deal effectively with the four pillars of online team engagement: 1. project, 2. process, 3. space, 4. people.

In the second part, the course focuses on the agile and design mindsets and practices that a coach or facilitator should bring to their work. Through numerous practical exercises and scenarios, participants explore and expand these very skills. Structured reflection sessions combined with the systematic feedback of experienced coaches from the HPI Academy help participants apply these insights directly to their work.


  • Receive detailed personal feedback on your coaching style from our experienced HPI Academy coaches.   
  • In addition to the rewarding experience and versatile tips and tricks, you will receive basic method cards plus the Miro boards created and used in the workshop for your own immediate use.  
  • This workshop can also be credited towards the HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence.   
  • Alumni of the workshop can have two practice days credited to the Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches  
  • Alumni also receive a discount of 2.000 EUR on the participation fee.  
  • Highly effective learning environment: One coach to every five participants  


1st Day: Introduction to agile online coaching  

  • Core elements of agile coaching 
  • Overview of design-based project work  
  • Workshop hosting as a competence 
  • Basics of digital coaching (tools, rules and rituals)  

 Start: 9:00 am, end 4:30 pm  

2nd Day: Designing Effective Online Workshops 

  • Project: Determining the parameters of an agile project, defining the challenge and desired output.  
  • Process: Translate phases of agile methods, e.g. design thinking, into online contexts.   
  • Workspace: Explore digital tools for online workshops that create an engaging and lively experience for participants.   
  • People: Try out methods (e.g., icebreakers and warmups) that create an optimal team working environment and make it easier and more feasible to manage typical team dynamics in online workshops.   

Start: 9:00 am, end 4:30 pm 

3rd Day: Effective Delivery of Online Workshop

  • Mindsets of agile online coaching 
  • Implementation of workshop concepts in practice
  • Practical exercises on the application of different agile coaching methods
  • Feedback from and reflection with HPI Academy coaches  

Start: 9:00 am, end 4:30 pm  

4th Day: Agile Team Management in Online Workshops

  • Basics of team dynamics 
  • Scenarios of agile coaching practice
  • Practical exercises on the application of various agile coaching methods
  • Feedback from and reflection with the HPI Academy coaches  

 Start: 9:00 am, end 4:30 pm

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Essentials of Agile Online Coaching

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