Method Deep Dive

The Mechanics & Effects of Design Thinking

A Deep Dive for professional coaches, teachers and facilitators of Design Thinking with a focus on team/problem formation, synthesis and prototyping.

Design Thinking and Organizational Implementation an der HPI Academy

This workshop targets those who already coach and teach Design Thinking and would like to strengthen and deepen their knowledge and skills using insights from cutting edge research on Design Thinking and related disciplines. The focus is on synthesis and the generation and iteration of ideas, often considered two of the most complex aspects of Design Thinking as a method. In addition, a focus will be laid on the “internal” human aspect of Design Thinking specifically relevant to teachers and coaches – in particular, how to start off and guide a group effectively through thoughtful problem framing, team performance, and improvisation as a creative tool. 

The workshop process at a glance

First Day:

Day one is an introduction to the workshop and picks up on various themes of human-centered working and Design Thinking principles, focusing on team work, mindset in action and the power of improvisation as both a tool to support the team and the process of creative problem solving itself.

Second Day:

Day two focuses on problem (re-) framing and synthesis and provides a variety of deeper-level tools for effectively structuring the challenge-framing-process, the research phase and the data collected.


Third Day:

Day three focuses on prototyping and iteration as the inseperable heart of design in a team. Cutting-edge research and theory from within and outside HPI are introduced, and concrete tools and methods are offered to help coaches increase their and their teams’ performance when developing solutions. We offer tools based on recent research at HPI that are unique to our programs.

Target Group

Experienced professionals who are interested in learning how Design Thinking works. They should have taken basic courses at HPI (Open Course, ProTrack, and/or Coach Certification) or a comparable institution, but are also already working with Design Thinking as a coach, teacher, or facilitator and have both experience and questions to share.

What you can expect

  • You dive deeper into the Design Thinking, particularly collaboration in diverse teams, synthesis and prototyping in highly effective teams under the guidance of expert faculty with cutting-edge research.
  • You will advance your coaching style towards precise interventions for effective team performances.
  • You will work in small teams of max. 6 people who already know Design Thinking.
  • You will be supervised by a Design Thinking Team Coach.
  • You apply and experience the methods and tools and reflect with other design thinkers and coaches
  • You will be provided with photo documentation, materials and literature recommendations so that you can continue directly after the course.

Key Data

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Venue: Design Thinking Room ProSpace at HPI Potsdam
  • course language: English
  • Costs: 3.500,- EUR (excl. 19% VAT)
  • Includes: Participation, materials, any transfers required within the workshop, 1 coach per max. 6 participants, full board and Happy Hour