Professional Track - Learn to Manage Complexity

This program is specifically designed for executives who are decision makers and innovation catalysts in organizations searching for creative solutions to the complex challenges within their working context.

Design Thinking der Professional Track an der HPI-Academy

Target audience

Participants are primarily executives and senior managers from all industries who have already experienced the impact of Design Thinking and aim to go deeper, address more concretely the questions of complexity and strategy, and work on specific company-relevant challenges. The program is for individuals and also small groups (up to 5 people) from a company. Its aim is to build confidence in applying the key Design Thinking principles within your organizational work. The program will allow you to discover the leveraging effect of Design Thinking in the most important areas of managing complexity: Collaboration Culture, Innovation Processes and Strategy Implementation.

Format of the Professional Track program

The Professional Track is an in-depth, progressive program over 3 months. In 3 modules, each with 3 on-campus days per month, participants work intensively with the Design Thinking method. What makes this program special is that participants brings an individual challenge to start working on immediately, and they then continue to address this topic off-campus inside their own company. The course is offered in English.

All three modules follow a clearly structured training concept:

  • EXPERIENCE Design Thinking principles
  • APPLY Design Thinking principles to a real-life challenge
  • TRANSFER Design Thinking principles to your organizational work and project of choice. Within the transfer part of the program, clear reference to specific company projects relevant to the participants will be in the forefront.

Your benefits

The three-month duration of the program provides the foundation for an active and long-term project implementation. Working in small groups and being professionally supervised by experienced coaches of the HPI School of Design Thinking Potsdam enables an intensive learning process. Participants will be able to sustainably improve processes of change in their companies and inspire colleagues with new working models.

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The Professional Track can be run exclusively for participants from your organization (20 participants minimum). Learn more.