Design Thinking Introduction

Whether you want to discover and apply design thinking for yourself as an individual or engage an entire department or organization with Design Thinking, we will create the learning experience that best suits your needs.

HPI Academy's Introduction to Design Thinking workshop is one of the most established Design Thinking learning formats in the world. Hundreds of professionals from all industries have discovered Design Thinking for themselves and their organization in recent years in these highly sought-after courses. In keeping with the spirit of Design Thinking, the program is constantly evolving. Each course deals with a new question to which the Design Thinking process is applied.

Target group

The workshops are designed for professionals and executives from all industries who are expected to solve complex problems on a regular basis and who want to experience a first introduction to Design Thinking. 

Can also be booked as a online workshop and exclusive for your companys

  • Per day 6 hours virtual workshop accompanied by our experienced coaches.
  • We use zoom and miro for this. No previous knowledge is necessary! We get you on board!


Register now here for the workshop in December 2021.


It is also possible to book introductory workshops exclusively for your company as online workshops or presence workshops. These can take place at your location or at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. Find out more about booking your own workshop here.  We also regularly offer open workshops in Potsdam, for which participants can register directly.

Introduction to Design Thinking in Potsdam

This hands-on workshop extends over three days. On the first day, the participants receive an intensive introduction to the method in the form of various lectures and exercises and experience how amazing results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. The main part of the course is dedicated to a real project in which the participants join a multidisciplinary team to develop solutions for a concrete issue and run through an entire Design Thinking process. Short theoretical introductions to methods and tools alternate with practical experience and subsequent reflection.

Overview of the workshop days

First day of workshop:

On the first day, the participants receive an intensive introduction to the process and mindset in the form of various lectures and exercises and experience how results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. The special focus of the day is on the phases of understanding and observing from the design thinking process. A happy hour for networking rounds off this day.

Start: 9.00 h End: 20.00 h
Second day of workshop:

The focus of the second day will be on the phases of synthesis, prototyping and testing as well as iteration. At the different stages of the Design Thinking process, participants will learn about different methods that are applied in the team. Each team is accompanied by an experienced Design Thinking Coach.

Start: 9.00 h End: 17.15 h
Third day of workshop:

The third day of workshop is the Reflection of methods and collaboration. Which method is suitable for which process step? How do the tools differ and what do they have in common? How did the cooperation in a diverse team go? Impulse lectures and exercises also offer participants an outlook on the next steps in their own company.  

Start: 9.00 h End: 16.30 h


  • Work in small teams of max. 6 people with the intensive support of experienced Design Thinking Coaches.
  • Get to know tools and methods for solution development and learn to apply them professionally.
  • Experience a new working culture based on empathy, playful testing and a user-centric approach.
  • Meet people from diverse professional backgrounds, expand your network and develop new perspectives.
  • Learn from professionals from our Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches, who work in a range of business and industry backgrounds and who will provide inputs and/or be available for discussions on different ways of applying Design Thinking
  • Be equipped with a photo documentation, slides, materials and literature recommendations, so that you can continue directly after the course
  • Become a part of our alumni network and benefit from exclusive invitations to HPI Design Thinking events
  • Price advantage when booking the HPI certification program for Design Thinking Coaches. Participants who started their learning journey with us by successfully completing our Design Thinking Introduction / Design Thinking Open Course Basic in 2018, 2019 or 2020 can apply a credit of 3000€ (from the in-person course) toward their registration in one of our certification programs in 2021. Participants who have already registered for our certification programs prior to 2021 are excluded from this offer.


  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Design Thinking ProSpace at the HPI Potsdam
  • Language: German
  • Costs: 3000.- EUR (plus VAT) 
  • includes: participation, materials, transport to and from offsite workshop locations if needed, 1 Coach per max. 6 participants, all meals and Happy Hour (network event)