About us

We are driven by our passion and enthusiasm for Design Thinking – convinced that innovation as a learnable skill is of high importance for all organizations and in all aspects of professional life. Our expertise and profound experience with numerous projects make us a competent and reliable partner.

Together with the HPI School of Design Thinking, the HPI Academy has made significant contributions to the development and dissemination of Design Thinking in Europe.  The HPI Academy has gained rich experience in applying this method to address various problem issues.

Besides the development of new products and services, Design Thinking is frequently applied in company workshops to strategic issues and future scenarios. Our methods for the design of innovative business models have now become an integral part of the Design Thinking projects in various companies.

The Team and the Network

The HPI Academy team works closely with the Hasso Plattner d.school at Stanford University to continually stay one step ahead in its development of workshops and consulting formats.

In its workshops, the Academy relies on a network of over 100 trained Design Thinkers, who contribute their expertise as coaches. The team chooses the suitable coaches for the workshops and prepares them intensively.


The campus of the Hasso Plattner Institute is an inspiring environment marked by the optimism of its young innovators. The HPI Academy has facilities matching the D-School workspaces that have been optimized to fit the needs of professionals.