Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

Program by Stanford Center for Professional Development and HPI

For the pioneers of change in executive position who see digital transformation as an opportunity for new value creation and who want to actively drive it, the program provides a unique, integrated approach. The Digital Transformation Leadership Cycle does help you with both, creating a long-term strategy as well as choosing the right methods and tools for the operationalization.

Digital Transformation and Design Thinking an der HPI Academy

The Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) merge their key competencies grounded in years of extensive experience in education, research and practice in the fields of digital technology, human centered innovation, Design Thinking and digital leadership to offer a comprehensive approach that considers the multiple layers and the dynamic of change. The resulting Digital Transformation Leadership Cycle offers a clearly defined scope of action for leaders who want to face the complexity of that challenge.

As a participant, within 3 month, you will go through three building blocks of training and practice and explore the levels of value creation in digital transformation: 


Get to know and apply Design Thinking as a leadership strategy for human-centered value creation which helps you keeping the focus on your most important stakeholders.


Grow your innovation skills by creating concrete prototypical solutions and develop your knowledge for value creation with digital technology that can serve as starting point or accelerator in transformation.


Get inspired by strategies of successful transformation in the Silicon Valley community to transfer these principles into your own context of business value creation.

In block 1 and 2 you will explore and practice Design Thinking as a strategy for digital transformation – in block 3 you will be able to get a behind-the-scenes look into Silicon Valley´s successful practices of putting the strategy into practice.*

*If you are unable to participate in Block I or Block II on short notice due to the current situation, we offer you the option of postponing your participation until the next cycle of the program. Please note that if regulations in Stanford, California stipulate that the course may not be held in classroom format due to COVID, Block III will be offered virtually.  Even with a virtual format, you will receive a certificate from the Stanford Center for Professional Development and Hasso Plattner Institute upon completion of the course.

One curriculum – many key benefits

  • Training basis is the Digital Transformation Leadership Cycle, an integrated and easy-replicable step-by-step model for digital transformation which is built on the research-, education- and collaboration experiences with the industry in the fields of Design Thinking, Digital Engineering and Leadership.
  • A Certificate from Stanford Center for Professional Development and Hasso Plattner Institute.
  • Focused and intensive program in diverse formats delivered by leading institutions.
  • Cutting edge themes covered by renowned experts in a practical and targeted way.
  • The practice-focused program allows direct transfer into individual organizational contexts.
  • Startup Safaris offer insights of success principles behind digital transformation.
  • International view and behind-the-scenes experiences about how to apply Design Thinking for transformation when visiting the cradle of innovation—Silicon Valley.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills in the areas of design thinking, digital technology and transformation.
  • And last but not least: an intensive exchange of experiences with a diverse course crowd as well as further development of personal and professional skills for your career. 

What you can expect

The program is an application-oriented training that deliberately avoids relying on strict checklists and extensive best-case scenarios or focusing on media technology hype. Instead, participants are inspired to develop their own transformation strategies for their specific entrepreneurial context, which they are then able to custom design or adapt and ultimately implement.

Further Information 

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