Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

Program by Stanford Center for Professional Development and HPI

Leading successfully through the digital evolution: The Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) offer an intensive executive program that merges three key transformational factors: human needs, digital technology and business transformation management. This unique integrated program aims to transmit the knowledge, practice and the mindset of NEW LEADERSHIP in times of change.


Change is the new constant in leadership of the 21st century. Never before in history have the opportunities of creating new business value been so easily reachable for organizations – and so elusive at the same time. Digital technology offers speed and scalability to drive successful innovation and adaptivity on the one hand - and represents one of the most important leadership challenges on the other leaders are charged with navigating the dynamic complexity of a new era, which more than ever requires a holistic perspective.

Digital Transformation is not just located in your IT department – it is a cultural revolution that reaches all parts of your organization:

  • your internal infrastructure
  • your relationships to partners and clients
  • your product & service portfolio

Successful Digital Transformation requires a human-driven strategy, a creative view on technological potential and a hands-on entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Program

The program provides a unique, holistic training for the pioneers of change, grounded in years of extensive experience in education, research and practice in the fields of digital technology, human centered innovation, Design Thinking and Leadership. It follows a simple equation that is the foundation of the course curriculum:

DT(=Design Thinking) x DT(=Digital Technology) = DT² (=TRANSFORMATIONAL IMPACT)

Discover a holistic, step-by-step approach to NEW LEADERSHIP, which encompasses three types of value creation: 

Block 1: Using Design Thinking as a Leadership Strategy for Human-Centered Value Creation

Block 2: Growing your Knowledge and Creativity for Digital Technology Value Creation

Block 3: Getting inspired by Success Strategies of the Silicon Valley community for Business Value Creation

Each of these areas is at the center of a 3–4 day face-to-face training block. On-campus courses will be held at HPI in Potsdam, Germany and at Stanford University in California, USA, led by faculty of both institutions who are leading experts in their field. Online materials complement and deepen the unique learning experience.

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The program is structured in 7 steps that enable you to set up both a solid theoretical framework and tangible actions to create the foundation for repeatable and scalable transformation for your organization. The Seven Value-Creation Steps in your roadmap:

1. What is your Purpose-Value?

2. Which Human Values are strong levers?

3. What is the Daily Work Value of change?

4. Which Digital Technology Value is an accelerator of change?

5. What fuels Strategic Value?

6. What elements to scale and anchor for Business Value?

7. Which Leadership Action will become symbol of your Vision and the prototype for Transformation Value?

Curriculum Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation_HPI Academy


Starting with the definition of your transformation purpose, you will discover and practice Design Thinking as a leadership strategy for creating an adaptive culture for making change.

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In the second Block, you will focus on the pragmatic and strategic legitimation of Digital Transformation. You will discover how digital technology can magnify and scale solutions and how culture can act as a guiding force for creating a digital vision.

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Finally, you will enrich your hands-on training and knowledge gathering experience with a full immersion into entrepreneurial mindset at Stanford University and Silicon Valley. You will leave with new knowledge, myriad examples, strategies and success principles as inspiration and foundation for creating business value with digital transformation. 

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Video: Digital Transformation and Innovation

Key benefits

  • certificate from Stanford Center for Professional Development
  • focused and intensive program in diverse formats delivered by leading institutions
  • cutting edge themes covered by renowned experts in a practical and targeted way
  • international view when visiting the cradle of innovation—Silicon Valley
  • intensive exchange of experiences
  • further development of personal and professional skills for your career

Your Takeaways

Experience Design Thinking as a leadership strategy in digital transformation and explore digital technology’s power to create value. Based on the Digital Transformation Leadership Cycle you will develop an exemplary starting point and roadmap to a transformation vision.

As a leader, you will learn how to create exemplarily “compass activities” to role-model the change you want to achieve and create both a multiplication effect as well as operationalization guidelines for your management. Expect to be inspired by robust and effective transformation case studies and strategies from Silicon Valley researchers and entrepreneurs.

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