Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

Program by HPI and Stanford Center for Professional Development

Hasso Plattner Institute and the Stanford Center for Professional Development offer a unique, joint program that provides you with a broad overview of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for your business. The 3 blocks will equip you with the critical management and technology skills that you need to navigate the ongoing digital evolution and to conceive, lead and execute digital innovation initiatives.


Technological progress and the evolution of customer behavior drive the digital transformation of business. Big data, analytics, social media, cloud and mobile solutions are digital innovations that change the dynamics of competition across industries and force organizations to radically transform. In order to actively meet the challenges and opportunities that arise from this development, managers and executives need to know the key technologies and management practices of innovation to ensure corporate and personal success.

Our Program

As a coherent learning experience, the program covers the crucial challenges that are posed by the digital transformation and the urge for innovation centered on three essential topic areas:

Experience a human-centered approach to innovation that focuses on user needs and therefore leads to fundamentally novel solutions to challenging problems. Design Thinking will drive a culture of innovation in your organization and boost your ability to innovate. More Information.

New technologies disrupt traditional business models regardless of the particular industry. Knowing these technologies and their business implication is fundamental for a successful transformative change. Learn the latest trends of digitalization from the experts at HPI, Germany’s leading IT institute. More Information.

At Stanford, you experience Silicon Valley’s start up ecosystem while learning best practices for implementing innovative ideas and encouraging an entrepreneurial culture in your workplace. More Information.

Each of these topic areas is at the center of a 3-4 day face-to-face-training. On-campus courses will be held at HPI in Potsdam, Germany and at Stanford University in California, USA, led by faculty of both institutions who are leading experts in their field. Online material complement and deepen the unique learning experience.

Video: Enabling Collaboration and Innovation

Key benefits

  • joint certificate from HPI and Stanford Center for Professional Development
  • focused and intensive program in diverse formats delivered by leading institutions
  • cutting edge themes covered by renowned experts in a practical and targeted way
  • international view when visiting the cradle of innovation—Silicon Valley
  • intensive exchange of experiences
  • further development of personal and professional skills for your career

Course objectives

  • In a worldwide unique offering, this holistic program highlights digital transformation and innovation from the perspective of its most relevant challenges: technology, innovation culture and the role as transformation leader.
  • The program enables you to recognize and understand impactful, new technologies and their business implications and thereby to gain a better understanding of the threats and opportunities that arise from digital transformation.
  • The program will impart you with a new and sustainable approach to innovation that will change your working culture and ability to innovate.
  • You will be equipped with the necessary management skills and entrepreneurial mindset to transform your organization. You will be better able to succeed in light of the new and innovative technological trends.
  • The program delivers the latest insights and knowledge that enable you to successfully lead and execute digital transformation and innovation initiatives in your organization.