Workshop: The Business Value of SAP Hana

Goal of the Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to convey a deep understanding of the true business benefits behind SAP HANA. It will go beyond the bare demonstration of analytical capabilities by showcasing the breakthrough potential of HANA-based applications along real-world business scenarios that were not possible in the past. Situated at the Hasso Plattner Institute, the workshop offers an exclusive opportunity for the participants to hear about the HANA story from those who have accompanied the technology from day one on. Experts from HPI and SAP will explain the basic principles of in-memory data management by means of small and comprehensible examples before diving into new applications and game-changing industry scenarios.

Value Proposition

Intimate participation and engagement with HANA researchers and experts from the Hasso Plattner Insitute and SAP

  • Learn how this non-disruptive technology enables a disruptive new generation of enterprise applications
  • Facilitated knowledge sharing among business experts and practitioners.
  • Fresh insights applicable to current challenges
  • Proven practices instead of theory
  •  See how research has turned into products and what is next on the roadmap


As part of the HPI Academy portfolio, the workshop is not intended to advertise specific SAP solutions or be a substitute for pre-sales activities. It is intended to provide an exclusive opportunity to hear and learn about the underlying concepts and how they impact enterprise solutions and processes.

Target Audience: Senior management, project managers (IT, Finance, Line of Business) from medium and large enterprises

Duration: 1 full day, optional pre-event reception/dinner

Location: Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam.