Input: In-Memory Data Management

The course „Principles of Big Data Management“ focuses on the management of massive amounts of data for the purpose of analytics and extracting meaningful insights. With huge volumes of data being generated everywhere and every time around us, new solutions in hardware and software are necessary in order to make proper use of this data and to enable new kinds of intelligent applications.

Goal and content of the Input

This course explores the technological challenges in building big data applications and introduces state-of-the-art data management concepts, their basic design principles and applications. Beyond that, the implications of the underlying design principles for future enterprise applications and their development are discussed. One particular aspect are so called in-memory databases, a revolutionary database technology that enables flexible and lightning-fast analysis of large enterprise data sets. The following topics are covered (among others):

  • Use Cases for Big Data
  • Sensor Data & Internet of Things
  • SQL & NoSQL Databases
  • Cloud Processing Frameworks & Big Data Analytics
  • In-Memory Data Management, Columnar vs. Row Storage
  • Parallel Data Processing
  • Examples of In-Memory & Big Data Applications


As part of the HPI Academy portfolio, the course is not intended to advertise specific SAP solutions or be a substitute for pre-sales activities. It is intended to provide an exclusive opportunity to hear and learn about the underlying concepts and how they impact enterprise solutions and processes.

Target Audience    

Senior management, project managers (IT, Finance, Line of Business) from medium and large enterprises


Location: Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, or elsewhere