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Introduction to Design Thinking

HPI Academy’s Introduction to Design Thinking workshop is one of the most established Design Thinking learning formats in the world. Hundreds of professionals from all industries have discovered Design Thinking for themselves and their organization in recent years in these highly sought-after courses. In keeping with the spirit of Design Thinking, the program is constantly evolving. After a short introduction to the mindsets and practices of Design Thinking the main part of the workshop begins: irevolves around a real project. In multidisciplinary teams, participants design solutions for this real-life challenge by entering into and engaging with each phase of the Design Thinking process. Short introductions to methods and tools alternate with practical experience and subsequent reflection. 


  • You will get to know the working and thinking methods of Design Thinking. 
  • We teach you practical tools and methods for developing solutions to problems that you can apply directly in your everyday professional life. 
  • You will experience a new form of work culture based on empathy, playful trial and error, and a user-centered approach.
  • Through the combination of short lectures, practical exercises as well as problem-oriented teamwork, you will acquire this agile method in a sustainable way. 

Key Facts

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2 days

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HPI Potsdam

Target audience

The workshops are designed for professionals and executives from all industries, who are expected to solve complex problems on a regular basis and who want to experience a first introduction to Design Thinking.  

We also offer this workshop exclusively for companies – please feel free to bring your own project or challenge! 


EUR 2,500 (plus VAT) 


Included in the workshop

  • A photo documentation, slides, materials and literature recommendations.
  • Transportation to and from offsite workshop locations, as needed, 1 coach per max. 6 participants
  • All meals and Happy Hour (networking event)


  • Get to know tools and methods for solution development and learn to apply them professionally. 
  • Experience a new working culture based on empathy, playful experimentation and a user-centric approach. 
  • Meet people from diverse professional backgrounds, expand your network and develop new perspectives. 
  • Learn from professionals from our Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches, who work in a range of business and industry backgrounds and who provide inputs and/or are available for discussions on different ways of applying Design Thinking 
  • Become a part of our alumni network and benefit from exclusive invitations to HPI Design Thinking events 
  • Experience our Design Thinking spaces, which are equipped with flexible furniture, prototyping materials, and plenty of room for wild ideas. 
  • Whether you want to discover and apply Design Thinking for yourself as an individual or engage an entire department or organization with Design Thinking, we will create the learning experience that best suits your needs.


1st Day:

On the first day, participants receive an intensive introduction to the methods and working techniques of Design Thinking within the framework of lectures and exercises. In particular, they experience how Design Thinking can help achieve astonishing results in a short time. The day’s specific focus is on the so-called problem space. Here, the teams reframe the design challenge from the user’s point of view, thereby creating new points of view and opening up innovative perspectives. 

Start: 9 am, end: 5 pm 

2nd Day:

The second day focuses on the so-called solution space (i.e., the phases of idea generation, prototyping, testing, and iteration). For each of the different phases of the Design Thinking process, participants explore specific methods by applying them to the design challenge. By reflecting on both the methods and the collaboration in the team, participants can meaningfully transfer their experiences and learning into their everyday practice. Which method is suitable for which stage of the Design Thinking process? How do the tools differ; what are the similarities? How did the collaboration work in a diverse team? 

Start: 9 am, end: 5 pm 

Follow Up:

4 weeks after the workshop we offer a 90-minute online follow-up, where participants get the opportunity to exchange perspectives with each other – and with a HPI Academy coach. 

What exactly where you able to transfer from the workshop into your everyday work? What obstacles or challenges did you encounter? What effect did the workshop have on your everyday work, what might have changed? 

Reflecting on these questions supports an effective and sustainable learning experience. 

We look forward to accompanying you on your learning journey. 

Thanks for your fantastic efforts during the Open Course. We both felt the energy and effort that was generated by all of you, and it was absolutely outstanding! Your course generated a lot of discussion during our travels. We look forward to applying the processes and your insights when we return to work.

Chris & Linda Hemstrom

Linfox Logistics & Navitas (Australia) 

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I want to thank you for the excellent 3 days of the Open Course in Design Thinking: I found it to be very informative and inspiring. I really enjoyed these great 3 days and I’m happy I signed up for the Open Course. It was time well invested! I would also like to congratulate you & the team for the excellent work in time management, organization, and logistics. It was all perfect.

George Droumev

Technical Director, Coca-Cola GmbH

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I've just completed your Open Course on Design Thinking. It was amazingly good!

Sabine Gourmain,

Danone Research

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for very inspiring days in Potsdam. It was super practical, thought-provoking and incredibly inspiring. Your team made the experience truly awesome. The way you manage the course in terms of time, facilitation (technical and practical) and team engagement should be the poster-child for how others should manage such a course. It was incredibly professional. Hope you keep it up, and we will definitely send more people your way.

Bettina Frimann Larsen,

Marcura Equities FZE, Dubai

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you again for your great guidance throughout the training program. It was a great experience and we received food for thought and new tools to implement. Another important factor was the group of people you brought together: experts from the industry, the coaches and design thinkers from various backgrounds.

Sabine Janssen

Maastricht University

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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Introduction to Design Thinking

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