Design Thinking at HPI D-School

Studying at the HPI School of Design Thinking is also possible for professionals: Together with the students of the Design Thinking Basic Track you can experience Design Thinking in practical group work on real world projects over a whole semester.

Studium in Design Thinking an der HPI Academy

The semester starts with a one-week project that introduces Design Thinking as a method and a mindset. In subsequent projects with external partners from business and society, this knowledge is deepened and applied to current issues to be solved.

The students and professionals are guided by members of the D-School staff and by experienced professors and teachers from various disciplines.

Regular talks are given on the different phases of the Design Thinking process. Practical tips on project work complete the offer.

Please note that the participation in the Basic Track is subject to a fee if you are either over 35 years old or have already been working for over a year. Registration is carried out via the HPI Academy. The necessary documents for registration can be found on this page.

For further information on the Basic Track, please see the D-School website.