From Agile to Development: Introduction into User Story Mapping

1 day Workshop

A lot of promising software projects fail because handovers from designers, user researchers, and project managers to developers do not succeed. Important aspects are being lost or misinterpreted. Agile development depends on the idea that developers understand the outcome a software solutions should have towards its users. User Story Mapping is a great tool to translate design insights into a backlog. This one day course enables participants to practice user story mapping and understand the core challenges in the interactions between a design team and a development team.

Implementierung der Design Thinking Kultur in Ihrer Organisation mit der HPI Academy

User Research

3-day workshop

Target Group: This workshop is aimed at practitioners who want to apply new methods to their own projects in order to find innovative solutions. In order to successfully participate, attendants won’t need to be experts in the topic of user research but will have to have a deeper understanding of the practice of design thinking and the challenges of user research. Also, the participation in an online preparation module (2 – 4 h) will be mandatory.

Content: User research experts from agencies and education will provide you with guidelines and methods on how to build up empathy for your users. You will experience how to screen the right target group, how to conduct interviews and how to use advanced tools, e. g. cultural probes. You will furthermore transfer your learnings onto your own business challenges, always accompagnied by our experts.