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You either innovate fast or you never will. Innovating companies from all industries have one thing in common - they innovate fast, before ideas lose momentum. Their speed to realize innovative ideas relies on their ability to put together independent and highly skilled teams that quickly adapt to new situations.

Our acceleration approach

We assemble dedicated teams of experts that work on campus or remotely developing digital innovations.

Our Services


We start by sorting and selecting ideas with a strong potential within the organization. Together with you we finetune your most essential ideas. The outcome of this phase is a clear path forward to execution.


We test your most promising ideas fast. Our team of designers, researchers and domain experts conceive high-fidelity prototypes and test core functions against real users. The outcome is an uncompromisingly validated proof of concept.


Every new product idea depends on a highly committed team of experts with an eye for details. Our team of product owners, developers, designers and tech-experts transform your proof of concept into the actual product. We deliver products that are ready to be shipped.

Key data

  • Our Location: By default we work in our innovation research lab on HPI campus. If necessary for the purpose of the project, our team can work at the client’s site.
  • Our connect to HPI Academy offers: The acceleration program can be also combined with our Design Thinking workshops on campus in which your colleagues and employees create ideas around relevant business topics
  • Our resources: Our project team consists of 250+ innovation experts with various skills and backgrounds
  • Our Results: a tested digital solution, a comprehensive documentation incl. research insights, storylines around the product for future marketing.

Case Study - Boomerang Credit Platform

Redesign Digital Banking with Peer-2-Peer Credits and execute on their essential ideas for an untapped market.


​Our client has a long history in the B2C market. Nevertheless, new digital offers like Paypal and Bitcoin began to question their traditional customer offers. It was about time to wrap up their internal discussions around ideas and create facts for their existing and for untapped markets. 


Together with our client and our team of experts we identified the 12 strategically relevant ideas promising ideas. Equipped with first-hand insights from key customers, we designed every idea and defined critical aspects that needed to be tested in the market as early as possible.


We tested all 12 ideas in parallel in two weeks. While some ideas failed early, other ideas made a strong impression. One of the stronger ideas targeted customers who are eager to lend money from peers instead of financial institutions. However, these peer2peer-transactions come with personal costs:

“Lending money to friends and family can be one of the fastest ways to derail a friendship or sour family feelings, so many lenders are turning to financial advisers to formalize loan terms and steer them to sound investments.”

From Reuters


Boomerang is our client’s upcoming digital service. We developed the architecture in which the bank acts as a middle man between peers lending each other money. Both peers exchange money to their own terms yet also formally agree to the terms of the service that the bank would track if the credit was repaid fully and on-time. The service shows high acceptance among customers. It has the potential to make the peer2peer “black market” accessible to that particular bank.


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