Design Thinking project workshops

Our trainings are designed to match the unique background, experiences and goals of your group. Learn Design Thinking in a methodological workshop or apply it to your own practical challenge in a strategic workshop.

The HPI Academy successfully develops workshop concepts to guide you through your company's innovation cycle. Your team will gain both practical learning experience in Design Thinking and extensive insights into new products, business models, and customer experiences.

Design Thinking Project Workshop (2-3 days):

In the Design Thinking project workshop, the teams will go through all the phases of the Design Thinking process based on their own company's concerns. This will give them an initial insight into the method and allow them to work on a specific project relevant to their organization.

Target group:

The Design Thinking project workshop is suitable for teams from companies that want to apply Design Thinking to a specific question in their own environment.

What you can expect:

  • An intensive preliminary clarification and appropriate formulation of your question for working with Design Thinking.
  • You will work alternately as a group and in small teams of max. 6 people with the support of an individual team coach.
  • With minimal theoretical input, your team will applies the methods of Design Thinking directly to its own questions.
  • You will develop a common understanding of your problem and its aspects as well as a new understanding of the target audience, their latent needs, and contexts.
  • The individual workshop design will contain tools that have been compiled or designed for your problem.
  • The result is documented prototypes that you can use to start the next iteration in your innovation process.
  • You will work either in our Design Thinking rooms, which are equipped with flexible furniture, prototyping material and enough space for great ideas or in jointly prepared suitable rooms at your premises

Key data

  • Location: HPI Potsdam or at your premises  
  • Participants: 5-25 people
  • Fees: Depend on the program requested