Scrum Master (PSM I) – Intensive workshop

Intensive workshop to prepare for the Professional Scrum Master™ certificate.

The Scrum method is a framework for agile project management as well as agile project development and is likely the best-known method within the context of agile working methods.

Design Thinking Teamworkshops an der HPI-Academy

Scrum has not been purely related to software development for a long time. It is also becoming increasingly popular outside its classic world of IT. In a rapidly changing world of work, agile processes and structures are a requirement for long-term success. Particularly complex (IT) projects require professional management with a clear focus on customer benefits as well as real added value. The Scrum framework supports organisations in both the execution of projects and the continuous delivery of high-quality results and products. The Scrum method thus serves as a perfect connector tool for implementing prototypes from the field of design thinking.

Workshop Summary

This intensive two-day training course conveys all the key fundamentals of Scrum and places particular focus on understanding and applying the method. Participants will be familiarised with the method directly through the use of interactive exercises, thus preparing them to sit the Professional Scrum Master examination (PSM I) in an optimal manner.

Target group

The workshop is aimed at project managers, team leads, and product and software developers, as well as all employees in general who initiate, coordinate and support projects. The workshop is also suitable for corporate and strategy managers, as well as decision-makers. This workshop is particularly suitable for participants who have already taken part in a design thinking workshop or programme.

What you can expect

The intensive workshop includes a basic introduction to the subject of agility and agile working methods. Particular focus is placed on agile culture as well as agile mindset here. Furthermore, the essential Scrum values and roles, as well as artifacts and events, are presented in an interactive and practical manner. Finally, the workshop includes a Scrum simulation, along with numerous practical exercises. This ensures that participants are not only prepared to sit the Scrum examination in the best possible manner, but that they are also able to directly apply their knowledge within the context of their own organisation.  

  • In addition to conveying the essential basics, this intensive workshop sets itself apart thanks to the large number of practical exercises, group work, and discussion sessions. The participants will then be able to directly apply the knowledge they have acquired.  

  • Themselves experienced practitioners, the workshop is run by Scrum trainers who are also familiar with agile methods from more than just theory. Participants will receive specific answers to questions and problems arising from their real day-to-day work.  

  • Participants will also have the opportunity to acquire two highly valued certificates simultaneously. In addition to preparation for the Scrum.org examination, they will receive HPI Academy Certificates of Innovation Excellence if they participate in another HPI Academy workshop lasting at least three days either before or after the workshop. Further information can be found here.  

  • The minimum number of participants is six, while the maximum is 20. This ensures we are able to guarantee a personalised, needs-based learning and working atmosphere. 

Overview of workshop days

Day 1:

Greeting and getting to know one another / What is agility? An overview / Cultural agility / Scrum / Roles / Artifacts / Events / Q&A

 Starts: 9 a.m. Ends: 5 p.m.
Day 2:

Retrospective / Scrum Master certification / Scrum addons / Scrum simulation / Summary and feedback

Starts: 9 a.m. Ends: 4:30 p.m. 

Key Data

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Course language: German
  • Cost: EUR 1,500.00 plus VAT

This intensive workshop can also be credited towards the HPI Academy Certificate of Innovation Excellence. In combination with another workshop, participants will be able to acquire the certificate.

Please note that the Scrum.org exam (in English) is not part of the workshop. Participants can book and sit the examination for the Professional Scrum Master® I (PSM I®) individually. Examination registrations are carried out online via Scrum.org. The costs for the examination are not included in the workshop price.