Design Thinking - Building an Innovation Culture

Digitalization requires companies to be innovative and meet evolving customer demands. In order to sustainably meet this challenge, new approaches and a new working culture are necessary. This is where Design Thinking comes into play.

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that focusses on user needs and therefore leads to fundamentally innovative solutions. It will drive a culture of innovation in your organization and boost your ability to innovate.

Design Thinking - Building an Innovation Culture (on-campus in Potsdam)

3-day Design Thinking workshop @ HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam

+ Live virtual keynote by Stanford faculty

In a multi-disciplinary team, you will work through a complete innovation project. You will develop a strong understanding of the basic concepts of Design Thinking and learn how to use your newly-found knowledge for your digital innovation initiative.

Our program delivery:

  • Learn the principles and the methodology of Design Thinking and dive into a dynamic learning journey with instant takeaways for your project.
  • Get to know tools and frameworks for solution development in complex environments and learn to apply them flexibly.
  • Experience a new, radically user-centered working culture based on collaboration, learning-by-moving-forward and sense-making.