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Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation / Fall 2022

22 September – 19 November 2022

I hereby apply to the program “Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation” by the Stanford Center for Professional Development and HPI, with the following on-campus sessions:

Block 1:
Design Thinking - Discovering the Leverage Points of Human Centered Transformation

September 22-24, 2022 at HPI D-School in Potsdam

Block 2:
Digital Technologies - Mining Untapped Digital Accelerators and Scaling Resources

October 20-22, 2022 at HPI in Potsdam

Block 3:
Transformation Management - Mastering Entrepreneurial Value Creation Principles and Strategies

November 17-19, 2022 at Stanford University

Online materials complement the learning experience.

The course fee includes course participation, the necessary equipment, and catering. Accommodations and travel are not included in the price. This application is binding. Provided that places are available and you fit the program, you will receive a confirmation and invoice.

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