Design Thinking meets Change Management

This one-day workshop focuses on directed application and exploration of Design Thinking for Change Management. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to hack standard Change Management practices to include more agility and human-centeredness. The results embody the ethos of Design Thinking and encourage innovative practice in an important organizational area.


Face Change Management with Design Thinking and the HPI Academy

It is said that change becomes the new normal in organizations. The reasons why organizations have to change are manifold. Digitalization and cultural change towards more agility are only two of them. The discipline addressing the challenge to make necessary change in organizations possible is called change management. But how successful is Change Management actually in doing so? Shockingly, according to experts approximately 70% of large-scale change project fail to achieve their goals. From a human-centred perspective we therefore have to ask if change “management” - taking the notion literally - is the right paradigm at all for dealing with complex change that involves humans.

Target Group

  • Design Thinking practioners and coaches
  • Change Managers
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Leaders wanting to implement Design Thinking in their organization

Workshop contents

The workshop “Design Thinking meets Change Management” has three goals. First, we will explore how we can “hack” and improve Change Management practices with Design Thinking mindset and principles in order to make it more agile and human-centred. Secondly, we will encourage Organizational Creative Confidence in Design Thinking practitioners by reflecting on how we can apply Design Thinking mindset and principles to any organizational field. Lastly, participants will become familiar with important basic Change Management concepts and approaches that might help them to implement Design Thinking in their organizations.

What you can expect:

  • You will learn practical change management tools and methods that you can apply directly in your professional life;
  • You will be encouraged to extend your Design Thinking mindset beyond Design Thinking projects therefore gaining Organizational Creative Confidence.
  • You experience a new form of work culture based on empathy, playful experimentation and a user-oriented approach;
  • You work in our Design Thinking rooms, which are equipped with flexible furniture, prototyping material and enough room for wild ideas;
  • You get to know people with very different professional backgrounds, expand your network and open up new perspectives;
  • You can become part of our alumni network and benefit from exclusive invitations to Design Thinking Events at HPI.

Key Data

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Venue: online (Zoom and Miro)
  • Costs: 1250,- EUR (plus VAT) 
  • Language: English
  • Includes: participation, working materials, 1 coach per max. 6 participants.


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