Mastering Online Meetings - effective collaboration in the digital environment

According to current studies, every fourth employee in Germany has been working from home since the end of 2020. That’s more than 10 million employees. We are experiencing a profound change and accelerated digitalization of the working world. But how effective is working from home really? In particular, how productive and value-adding are the numerous online meetings that have defined our everyday working lives since then? Are these moderated and conducted using appropriate methods, strategies and collaboration tools, or are you in meetings that drain hours from your workday with no goal or result?

We often hear from our course participants and long-term clients that they are frustrated by unstructured meetings, too many time-consuming video calls, too much distraction in online meetings and too little commitment. Technology alone cannot save an inefficient and lifeless meeting. Therefore a focused and empathic connection with the participants is the basis of a successful meeting.

In our new Mastering Online Meetings course, we provide you with tools and methods with which you are guaranteed to create appealing, inspiring and productive online meeting experiences. Encourage active and concentrated participation and give structured space for creative and effective collaboration.

Target group

Our workshop Mastering Online Meetings is aimed at specialists and executives, team and project leaders, trainers and consultants as well as all employees from all industries who would like to learn how to plan, organize, manage and moderate online meetings in a professional manner. We also offer this workshop exclusively for small groups of three or more. 

Workshop summary

With our Mastering Online Meetings course, our experienced coaches teach you efficient communication and collaboration in the digital space. Our course gives you the confidence and tools to design collaborative meeting experiences efficiently and to inspire your participants.

Morning session:

Welcome, input & exchange of experiences

Drawing from their own extensive experience with designing and leading online workshops, our coaches will provide you with valuable insights into the design of our training sessions, workshops and online meetings. In this way, we enable you to professionally structure your preparation, implementation and follow-up for an effective online experience.

Focus on technology (experiential learning experience)

Through interactive exercises guided by our coaches, you will gain confidence in using video conference tools and digital collaboration tools in parallel.

What you will learn in detail:

  • You will become familiar with common types of online meetings
  • You will gain insights and learn how to use the most common software tools for collaboration (our focus is on the software combination Miro & Zoom)
  • Using practical examples, you will learn how the ideal workstation should be equipped, including appropriate hardware.
  • You will gain an understanding of the differences between offline and online experiences

Afternoon session:

Methods for preparation and moderation (experience-based learning):

In close exchange with our coaches and with the help of practical exercises, you will learn how to professionally prepare and implement online experiences. You will work with elements from Design Thinking that will not only support you in your planning but also in your moderation skills.

What you will learn in detail:

  • Professional preparation and implementation of online experiences
  • Moderation methods
  • Different meeting modes and moderation roles
  • Use of practical Design-Thinking-Elements

What you can expect

Mastering Online Meetingsprovides an agile approach to implementing online meetings. You can expect interactive inputs with exchange and reflection rounds, as well as practical exercises for experience-based learning. You will always be closely accompanied by our experienced program leads and coaches.

The workshop also offers these added values:

  • Immediate transfer of what you have learned about your own projects
  • Detailed documentation of all important information
  • Exchange of experience with other participants
  • Expansion of your professional network
  • No time or money lost to travel thanks to digital participation

Key data

  • Virtual workshop experience with live moderated, interactive inputs and exchange in the group
  • Experience-based learning experiences through practical exercises with reflection and feedback sessions
  • Close support from experienced coaches in small working groups
  • Language: German (bilingual possible)
  • In future, the workshop can also be held in English on request
  • Workshop times: 9:30 a.m. - approx. 5:15 p.m.
  • Regular breaks throughout the workshop day
  • Cost per Person: 950,00 EUR plus VAT
  • Cost for small groups (3 people and more): Please contact us for details