Online workshop: Design Thinking for Teams

The ability of companies to innovate is more important than ever today. In moderated online workshops, our experienced Design Thinking coaches provide the necessary skills to actively shape change and innovation processes.

In our online workshop, participants go through all phases of the Design Thinking process using a real project task. This will give them a first insight into the method and they will also get to know useful online tools for virtual project work.

Target group

The Design Thinking project workshop is suitable for teams from companies who want to apply Design Thinking to a specific question in their own environment.

Workshop Contents

The Design Thinking Online Workshop consists of five presence workshop modules and two self-learning sessions, with a total of about 16 hours of work.

The time sequence of the modules is variable. For an optimal learning result, we recommend completing the modules in a period of about two weeks.

What you can expect

  • An intensive preliminary clarification of your question and the appropriate formulation for working with Design Thinking.
  • The experience of virtual live sessions with our accomplished Design Thinking coaches
  • The course of the workshop will alternate between online plenary sessions and teamwork. The virtual group work takes place in small teams of max. 5 persons, who are individually supervised by a team coach.
  • We work with tools such as Zoom, Miro and, depending on the workshop design, also with the learning platform OpenHPI.
  • With a minimum of theoretical input, your team applies the methods of Design Thinking directly to your own questions.
  • You develop a common understanding of your problem and its partial aspects as well as a new understanding of the target group, its latent needs and living environments.

Key data

  • Virtual workshop experience with 14 hours of live moderated modules + twice 2 hours of self learning sessions spread over a period of 2 weeks.
  • Participants: 5-25 persons
  • Costs depend on the individual concept