HPI Design Thinking Connect & Do Day

Unexpected connections, wild ideas and bold change-makers in an atmosphere  of fun, inspiration and good food & drinks – that is the essence of our  Connect & Do Day.


All Inspirational Speakers, Design Thinking Jammers, Start-Ups, the coaches and all the Professional  Track Alumni with their guests bring such a positive energy making this event exceptional.

The Connect and Do Day at the HPI Academy_Program

FAILING TO SUCCEED? It´s the buzz headline of the moment - but you as over 80 participants made it a real experience. Thanks to a fantastic crowd of Design Thinking program alumni, pioneers and coaches who put maximum energy in contributing to our Connect&aDo Day on February 2nd: Flavia Bleuel & Christina Stansell transformed failures into ideas, George Kembell brought Design Thinking from our professional lives into our daily lives, Julia Leihener brought the Schul-Cloud ideation session to cool results, Simon Barna did speed sprints for redesigning the ideal pet and Jonathan Edelman introduced the community to the new formula DESIGN THINKING + DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY = TRANSFORMATION IMPACT. Our guest start-ups Kingdom of Something and Schul-Cloud brought exciting ideation challenges for our participants to brainstorm on. 10 Hacking Jammers inspired us by sharing their way of making Design Thinking suitable for their specific work- and life-challenges. And finally, we had inspirational speakers, especially from NORD/LB and SANOFI who dared to share their insights about the hurdles of Design Thinking implementation.

You can get a wonderful impression of the day from Dirk Lässig´s pictures and Anže Pintar´s graphic recording in the gallery (please click on a picture to start):

Impressions from the Connect & Do Day 2018

Impressions from the Connect & Do Day 2017

Impressions from the Connect & Do Day 2016

Photos: Dirk Lässig


Keep on daring doing the new! 

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