HPI Design Thinking Connect & Do Day

Unexpected connections, wild ideas and bold change-makers in an atmosphere of fun, inspiration and good food and drinks – that is the essence of our Connect and Do Day.


The next Connect & Do Day will take place on February 14th, 2020 and bring together Alumni of the Professional Track, the HPI-Stanford Certificate on Digital Transformation and Innovation (LDTAI) and HPI Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches.

Under the topic of Prototyping your Transformation the day is designed in a bar camp format: full of inspiration, exchange and creation of experiences by Design Thinking practitioners. The content will be contributed by Alumni, coaches, start-up partners and other Design Thinking experts from our community. You are alumni and want to be part of the Connect and Do Day 2020? Please contact us here.


Impressions from the Connect & Do Day 2018

All Inspirational Speakers, Design Thinking Jammers, Start-Ups, the coaches and all the Professional  Track Alumni with their guests bring such a positive energy making this event exceptional.

The Connect and Do Day at the HPI Academy_Program

FAILING TO SUCCEED? It´s the buzz headline of the moment - but you as over 80 participants made it a real experience. Thanks to a fantastic crowd of Design Thinking program alumni, pioneers and coaches who put maximum energy in contributing to our Connect and Do Day on February 2nd: Flavia Bleuel and Christina Stansell transformed failures into ideas, George Kembell brought Design Thinking from our professional lives into our daily lives, Julia Leihener brought the Schul-Cloud ideation session to cool results, Simon Barna did speed sprints for redesigning the ideal pet and Jonathan Edelman introduced the community to the new formula DESIGN THINKING + DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY = TRANSFORMATION IMPACT. Our guest start-ups Kingdom of Something and Schul-Cloud brought exciting ideation challenges for our participants to brainstorm on. 10 Hacking Jammers inspired us by sharing their way of making Design Thinking suitable for their specific work- and life-challenges. And finally, we had inspirational speakers, especially from NORD/LB and SANOFI who dared to share their insights about the hurdles of Design Thinking implementation.

You can get a wonderful impression of the day from Dirk Lässig´s pictures and Anže Pintar´s graphic recording in the gallery (please click on a picture to start):

Impressions from the Connect & Do Day 2017

Impressions from the Connect & Do Day 2016

Photos: Dirk Lässig


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