Design Thinking project coaching

You want your team to use Design Thinking for their own, real-life challenges over longer term projects? The HPI Academy is experienced in creating individual coaching concepts that guide you through your innovation process.

Concept Definition Coaching (up to 6 months)

You want to take a real dive into your challenge and come out with a validated idea and a plan how to execute it? Our Design Thinking coaches will navigate you through your team’s conceptualization phase in regular workshops spanning over an entire project duration.

  • duration: up to 6 months
  • place: at your site
  • participants: up to 6 people per team
  • costs: depending on your individual concept

Further information on the format can be found here.

D-School Student Projects

Want a completely fresh look at your problem? A dedicated and brave project team? Engage with our Design Thinking students for a final project. Learn more about the HPI School of Design Thinking student projects here.