Design Thinking team workshops

Our trainings are designed to match the unique background, experiences and goals of your group. Learn Design Thinking in a methodological workshop or apply it to your own practical challenge in a strategic workshop.

Design Thinking Teamworkshops an der HPI-Academy

Methodological workshops

You and your team run through a professional Design Thinking workshop covering all phases of the innovation process. You will understand and apply Design Thinking methods, use them in practical project settings and take home a shared experience of working in an innovation culture.

In addition to getting to know what Design Thinking feels like, in more extensive workshops you will also deep dive into specific methodologies in order to practice and reflect how they can be applied in your own work setting. You will start to develop your team coaching skills so that you can start to be a multiplier for Design Thinking in your own company.

duration: 2-3 days

Project workshops

The HPI Academy is experienced in creating individual coaching concepts that guide you through your innovation process. Irrespective of your industry, you will gain both a team educated in Design Thinking and substantial insights about your new product, business model or customer experience.

Innovation workshops on your own project take at least two days and end with a prototype, motivated by user insights. This can serve as the basis for future projects in your organization.


Some workshop examples:

  • What could be future features in luxury transportation for major transportation companies?
  • What does online apparel shopping look like for women 50+?
  • How can a financial institution position itself in a market where trust is low and every player says the same things?
  • What is the future relationship between an internal IT department and external partners in a global company?
  • What could sustainable business models generated from unused resources look like?
  • How can we improve the trust relationship between Germany and China?
  • What could career models for Gen Y employees look like?
  • What could be innovative features of checking accounts that customers would be willing to pay for?
  • What software could help cancer and diabetes patients in dealing with their condition?